Why should I make my business green?

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Why should I make my business green?

Do customers really want businesses to be more environmentally focused?

Apparently so. Customers are becoming more discerning and are choosing to shop where they know the business is consciously making a difference to the environment. Going green helps make your brand more attractive to potential customers and can encourage long-term sustainable changes and savings.

What are the advantages to my business if I go green?

Making your business environmentally sustainable is about finding ways to use resources better and to reduce waste, and going green is on the rise. The advantages are numerous, and we have discussed some of the hows and whys of making your business eco-friendlier in an earlier blog. This post is going to focus more on customers’ perception of green business and how people are more likely to support businesses that consider their carbon footprint.

Show your green side

Green businesses demonstrate that sustainability is part of their mission and company culture. Customers feel that a green business is a trustworthy one. According to a 2015 Nielsen survey of 30,000 consumers from around the world, 66 per cent of those asked said they would pay more for products from sustainable sources. Among millennial consumers surveyed in 2018, the number had jumped to 90 per cent.

Why make your business more eco-friendly?

Many people in New Zealand today expect sustainable practices from businesses they associate with. Your decisions on waste and the environmentally friendly products you use have a huge impact on customer perception of your company and can also make significant savings to your bottom line.

With so much choice in the market, it is more important than ever to differentiate yourself from the competition. Going green is a great way to stand out. According to the recent data, 26% of European citizens buy only “eco-friendly goods”.

Boost your reputation

Many see being an environmentally friendly business as a status symbol. Only those companies that are forward-thinking enough and that consumers perceive as 'successful' enough can afford to go green. At Insinc we don’t see going green as a cost, rather as a cost-saver, but the issue here is consumer perception.

Tips on how to market your eco-friendly business

Becoming a sustainable business is a powerful way to influence others. Choose products and services for your business that show a commitment to sustainability and place a lot of information about your sustainability endeavours on your website. Write a blog about it. For example, if you choose to use biodegradable cutlery at your business, tell your customers you do and explain why.

This information will make your products more attractive to conscientious customers, who may be happy to pay more to do the right thing.

Incorporate “green” packaging and branding

Make sure your packaging, branding, and marketing materials broadcast that your firm is environmentally responsible. The more ‘social proof’ you have to substantiate your claim of environmentally responsibility, the better. Many green products you use will allow you to use their logos on packaging, on your website, or in email signatures and press releases, so take advantage of it.

Invest in digital marketing

eco-friendly businessPublicise your efforts in blogs and on your web pages and you position yourself as a leader in your industry and in the ongoing fight for sustainability. For example if you choose to make the switch to enzyme based cleaners - a safer and healthier alternative to toxic cleaners - let people know about it. By keeping your customers and social media followers in the loop, you can differentiate yourself from others who must then follow suit to stay competitive.

Consumers are out there looking for environmentally responsible companies like yours. So, make sure you tell your customers exactly how your product or service can make a difference, and show them what that looks like in their real life. Try using a visual like an infographic or explainer video. The best marketing for an eco-friendly business strategy is to show customers what you are doing to them help the environment.

It is important you show the world you are an eco-friendly business, so you get the consumer recognition that you deserve.

Promote local

Using local suppliers, like INSINC, is an effective green business practice; local delivery of products and supplies reduces the impact of carbon emissions, as does buying in bulk. Therefore, make sure your customers know that you not only support our local economy but are minimising fossil fuel consumption.

Whether your business is as a small sole trader or you're a massive, multi-zillion dollar corporation, there are some simple steps that the team at Insinc can help you make so you can save money and decrease your impact on the planet. Check out these ways to make your business more eco-friendly.

Take a walk on the green side and tell them about it

The benefits of your business going green far outweigh any negatives. The efforts to establish new environmentally green protocols will be paid back financially and also in knowing your company is being kind to the planet. We also have other ideas on how to change your workplace to green, and if you would like to discuss any of them, call 0508 467 462.

Posted: Thursday 12 November 2020