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Air Freshener & Odour Neutralisers

Choosing the right air freshener means considering options like aerosol air fresheners, passive air fresheners, and bulk decanted containers.

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Buyer's Guide to Choosing Air Fresheners

Aerosol air fresheners offer convenience and immediate coverage with a wide range of scents. The dispensers can be programmed to spray the room at set times.

Passive air fresheners provide a continuous and subtle fragrance release, ideal for smaller areas or places with a milder aroma preference. They require minimal maintenance.

Bulk decanted containers allow users to refil spray bottles and manually spray a room, leaving behind a signature fragrance.

Your choice of fragrance depends on your environment. Cafes may opt for scents that complement coffee or baked goods, such as vanilla or citrus. Childcare facilities prioritize mild, non-allergenic scents like lavender or chamomile. These create a soothing atmosphere for children. Consider factors like area size, desired intensity, and occupant preferences when choosing the fragrance.

What air freshener removes odours the best?

Air fresheners release a fragrance into the air, making the room smell nice but not getting to the source of the smell. If you want to remove an odour an air freshener with odour neutraliser is the best option.

What is the difference between an air freshener and an odour neutraliser? 

An air freshener is designed to release pleasant fragrances into the air, effectively masking or covering up unwanted odours. It adds a pleasant scent to the environment, making it more enjoyable to be in. However, an air freshener does not directly eliminate or neutralise the source of the odour.

On the other hand, an odour neutraliser is specifically formulated to target and eliminate unpleasant odors at their source. It contains ingredients that chemically react with the odour-causing molecules, neutralising them and effectively removing the unpleasant smell from the air. Unlike air fresheners, odour neutralisers do not simply mask the odour but actively work to eliminate it, resulting in a fresher and odour-free environment.

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