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Freight is charged by weight, indicitive costs per carton are: Auckland $6.00, Whangarei to Hamilton $10.50, North Island $14.00, South Island $16.00 + GST, Rural charges are extra.


Products categorised by the manufacturers brand
  • ABC Tissue make toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, serviettes, bed rolls and more. They sell products under the Earthcare, Style and ABC brands.
  • Ardrich make hand sanitiser, sanitiser wipes and hand dryers. Products made under Aerelle brand.
  • Compostable bags
  • Bio-Zyme offer a range of organic cleaners and environmentally friendly sanitary units
  • BioBags are biodegradable and compostable bags for rubbish disposal.
  • BioPak high quality environmentally sustainable food packaging
  • Coastal range of hygiene products are a high standard designed to meet you needs in commercial toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, coffee cups (PLA and PE lined), disposable gloves and clothing. Toilet paper and paper towel dispensers are available for purchase or Free on Loan.
  • Gloves, safety gear, disposable medical gear
  • D-Germ hand sanitiser and hand soap with sanitiser
  • Earthcare Toilet paper, Earthcare paper towels, Earthcare tissues, Earthcare serviettes, Earthcare cleaning products. Earthcare paper products are made from recycled paper and are oxygen bleached not chlorine bleached. Great quality paper products that are strong and white.
  • Earthsmart range of paper hygiene products are made from recycled paper. These include toilet paper, paper towels both slimfold and centrefeed.
  • Green Kiwi Clean provide high performing, safe to use industrial cleaning products using the latest Canadian ‘Clean Health Technology’.
  • Rubbish Bags - compostable, degradable and plastic
  • Ecoware food packaging is made from plants not oil.
  • Eco Cleaning and Food Service Products
  • EP Tech degradable and compostable bags
  • Esko Safety Products, gloves, helmuts, ear protection.
  • Quality Drumpumps for 20Litre and 200Litre drums. Ideal for pumping chemicals and are food safe.
  • Filta Cleaning Products
  • Glomesh Cleaning and Janitorial Products
  • Unipak's range of compostable and eco-friendly food packaging. 1. YOU CAN TRUST THE GREEN CHOICE BRAND. The Green Choice range consists of the most popular types and sizes of takeaway food and drink containers and utensils. Green Choice products can be trusted, they have earned the required levels of managed forestry, compostability and food safety certification. All pulp used in paper and kraft manufacture is derived from well managed forests and complies with FSC standard 40-004. All PLA products comply with EN 13432 (09-2000) standards and AVI/OK 1 testing for "OK COMPOST" confirmation. All products passed SGS EU 10/2011 and EN 1186-1/9/14:2002 food safety testing methodology (tolerance to high temperatures and fatty substances, and absence of heavy metals). All Green Choice products are free of petroleum-based plastics and all inks are food-dyes.
  • Green Earth Natural Eco-Friendly Cleaning products with Environmental Choice NZ certification.
  • Eco friendly cleaning products with Environmental Choice NZ certification.
  • Green Rhino brand of cleaning chemicals are manufactured by Pacer Chemicals.
  • Greenspeed mop and microfibre systems
  • Our home brand of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.
  • Jasol offer a premium range of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.
  • Kiwi Tissue 'have the tissue for your issue'. Quality paper hygiene products include paper towels, toilet paper, tissues and medical couch rolls.
  • Bamboo baby wipes and nappies
  • Cottonsoft supply well known brands in the market such as Livi, Stella and Earthsmart as well as their own brand Gracefield.
  • Natural Choice range of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.
  • Pacrite range of Black-one rubbish bags.
  • Pacvac vacuum cleaners and accessories
  • Disposable clothing, gloves and tapes
  • Pro Choice Safety Gear
  • Paper towels, toilet paper and tissues made from recycled paper. PureEco products have Environmentaly Choice NZ certification.
  • Quilton brand toilet paper, paper towels and tissues
  • Simple Green Cleaning Products.
  • Premium quality disposable and safety gloves
  • Uni-Pak food service and health service consumables. Uni-Pak company is certified Carbon Neutral
  • Vackpack food packaging
  • Vegware food packaging

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