The biodegradable cutlery NZ will thank you for

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The biodegradable cutlery NZ will thank you for

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, another crisis is threatening our planet: more single-use plastic items being discarded.

Most of us are aware of the shocking amount of waste throwaway plastic items left behind to pollute our planet. According to National Geographic, 78 million metric tons of plastic packaging is produced globally each year. Lightweight and floatable, nine million tons of plastic escape and flow into our oceans annually.

And a big part of what is fuelling our plastic waste crisis is single-use plastic cutlery. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increased reliance on large amounts of single-use plastic. As restaurants moved to takeaway orders to stay afloat and canteens and offices have reverted to disposable cutlery due to sanitary concerns, plastic knife, fork and spoon use has soared.

Plastic cutlery is often seen as a low-cost, convenient option for businesses, but from an environmental viewpoint, it is an expensive option. Single use plastic cutlery adds to the density of landfills, pollutes waterways and contains harmful components, such as Bisphenol-A or BPA, that can leech into food, soil, and ground water.

How food outlets can stay sustainable through COVID-19

If you opt to use disposable cutlery at your cafe, restaurant, bar, canteen, event, catering business or takeaway bar, you can help your business stay sustainable by using compostable cutlery.

Compostable cutlery is sustainable. Made from plant-based renewable materials, such as bamboo, sugar cane, potato starch and corn, it is suitable for both hot and cold food. At Insinc, we offer a range of sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic cutlery. We have an extensive range to choose from at competitive prices.

The benefits of recycling cutlery

wooden cutlery nzWhen it comes to disposable cutlery, at Insinc, we believe compostable cutlery is the best choice for your company, next community or business event, party or festival. Want to know why we think should choose our compostable cutlery made from either bamboo or other plant-based materials? Read on ….

  • Eco-friendly: all our wooden cutlery is 100% recyclable, compostable and friendly to the environment.
  • BPA Free: avoid all dangerous toxins and chemicals that can be found in plastics.
  • Strong and safe: our cutlery is designed for the ultimate strength; it won’t break or splinter while eating.
  • Looks good: consumers can eat your food in style.

Why choose us for compostable cutlery?

There is no need to resort to using your fingers to reduce waste and save the Earth. The team at Insinc is passionate about the environment and are proud stockists of a whole range of compostable cutlery products. From bamboo knives and forks, skewers and chopsticks to compostable spoons, we stock a load of products you can choose from. So, if you, like us, want to make a difference, simply call 0508 467 462 to speak to a member of our team. We will be more than happy to provide you with further information on the compostable food service products we stock.

Sustainable and recyclable cutlery - a great substitute for - plastic cutlery

All of our recyclable cutlery is suitable for both hot and cold foods. Our range of compostable cutlery includes:

  • CPLA cutlery - Commercially compostable cutlery suitable for hot or cold food, they are made of a plant-based plastic, and not a petroleum-based plastic.
  • PLA cutlery - Constructed from a poly lactic acid, it is 100% biodegradable and made from corn or potatoes.
  • Wooden cutlery - Rustic design. Sustainably sourced from renewable birch wood or bamboo and it is easily recycled.

We offer plant-based compostable food service packaging and eco catering disposables: quality environmentally friendly products at competitive prices. Speak with our team today.

Where to buy compostable cutlery?

Searching for compostable cutlery online will bring you to Insinc’s online store. We offer a vast range of recyclable cutlery to businesses across New Zealand. For more information or advice on becoming more eco-friendly, get in touch.

Our products

We carry a very extensive range of sustainable, eco-friendly food service products, including drinking straws, wood and cornstarch chopsticks and cutlery, biodegradable coffee cups, takeaway food containers and cardboard food trays and recycled napkins.

biodegradable cutleryOur customers

At Insinc, we are proud to supply quality products to a diverse selection of New Zealand consumers who are committed to making the conscious decision to switch to a range of biodegradable and recyclable food service products. For example, we work with corporate clients who care about their environmental footprint. We work with festival and event organisers interested in minimising the amount of plastic packaging waste going to landfill. We supply local market stall holders who use our range of biodegradable packaging and catering supplies. We work with cafe and restaurant owners looking to switch from disposable takeaway products to more sustainable options, such as cardboard trays, wooden stirrers, recycled napkins and food safe paper drinking straws.

Should you be looking to take steps to become more earth-friendly by purchasing eco-friendly cutlery, you have come to the right place. Buy compostable cutlery online today from the team at Insinc.

Reduce your carbon footprint and promote yourself as an environmentally friendly business. For more information or any questions please contact our team today. Call 0508 467 462 or you can email us at any time and we will be more than happy to help.

Posted: Wednesday 14 October 2020