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  • Face masks - cloth, surgical, P2, N95 or KN95
    How much can a mask really protect you against a highly transmissible virus, and does your choice of mask have a significant impact on that protection?
    Posted: Monday 24 January 2022
  • Plastic-free coffee cups - Yah?
    All paper cups in Australia and New Zealand could be made with aqueous linings in future. Plastic-free coffee cups have to be a good thing, don't they?
    Posted: Wednesday 19 January 2022
  • Can cleaning products damage our health?
    Cleaning products with high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be a potential trigger for a number of health issues and are also dangerous to the environment.
    Posted: Thursday 16 December 2021
  • What plastic is actually recycled in NZ?
    New Zealand households nationwide throw out 1.76 billion plastic containers each year, an average of 159 grams of plastic every day. We are one of the highest waste generators in the world.
    Posted: Monday 13 December 2021
  • Why are paper towels so absorbent?
    The last time you spilled a drink, how did you clean it up? What about drying your hands? What did you use? Most likely you grabbed a paper towel. But how do they absorb moisture so efficiently?
    Posted: Monday 15 November 2021
  • What is recycled plastic used for?
    Ever wondered what happens to that plastic bottle once you’ve tossed it in a recycling bin? Ever wondered what your jacket filling, outdoor furniture, decking, yoga mat, active wear, togs, roading or toothbrush are made from? That’s right, your plastic rubbish. If rinsed out properly, your recycling can be reincarnated.
    Posted: Wednesday 10 November 2021
  • How to recycle
    Do you need to rinse your recycling before putting it out for kerbside collection?
    Posted: Tuesday 26 October 2021
  • Which disposable gloves?
    When choosing disposable gloves, the main issue to consider is the appropriacy for the task at hand, so we’ll look at what makes gloves different from each other and their advantages and disadvantages.
    Posted: Monday 18 October 2021
  • Talking toilet paper ....
    Not all toilet paper is created equal. We expect a lot from toilet paper. We need it to be strong, and soft, and comfortable, and we also expect it to vanish, forever, once it’s flushed. So why does some toilet paper float?
    Posted: Tuesday 28 September 2021
  • Guide to floor cleaning machine pads
    At Insinc, we offer a full range of floor cleaning machine pads. What you need at your business will depend on the floor finish and the depth of cleaning you need: stripping, cleaning, scrubbing, buffing, polishing or burnishing. Tell us what finish and what machine you have, and we will be able to provide you with recommendations on the best pad for the job.
    Posted: Monday 20 September 2021
  • Can I recycle my coffee cup?
    We shouldn’t “wish-cycle” our coffee cups away. Single-use coffee cups are not recyclable. Even PLA plastics cannot be recycled, so the many bio cups ending up in standard recycling bins render everything else unfit for recycling.
    Posted: Monday 16 August 2021
  • PLA coffee cups
    At Insinc, we sell catering disposables from a variety of plant-based materials. We use paper, board and pulp, but the big difference is we don’t use conventional plastics. We sell cups lined with a PLA coating.
    Posted: Monday 9 August 2021
  • What is sugarcane food packaging?
    If you’re passionate about sustainability and offering renewable, biodegradable products to your customers, sugarcane fibre packaging is a great choice.
    Posted: Wednesday 21 July 2021
  • NZ's plastic ban - what does it mean for your business?
    It might be good for the planet, but what does New Zealand's single-use plastic ban mean for your business from a practical standpoint?
    Posted: Tuesday 13 July 2021
  • Difference between commercial and retail cleaning products
    Domestic and commercial cleaning products are designed to tackle very different jobs. It’s important to use the proper cleaning and disinfecting products to kill all dangerous germs and ensure the safety of staff and customers.
    Posted: Thursday 24 June 2021

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