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Backpack Vacuums

Backpack vacuum cleaners

Benefits of backpack vacuum cleaners

Pacvac’s lightweight corded backpack vacuums and cordless backpack vacuum cleaners are the professional cleaning industry’s number one choice, providing powerful suction, portability and high-efficiency.

Backpack vacuums are more efficient than traditional upright and canister vacuum cleaners. With a powerful motor and strong suction, they are able to clean floors quickly without compromising on the quality of the clean.

By wearing Backpack vacuum cleaners on your back there’s less time pushing or pulling machines around and more time spent cleaning. Users are able to move around more freely and quickly than with an upright or canister vacuum. This is ideal for cleaning large spaces including offices, schools and hotels. The freedom to move that backpack vacuum cleaners provide makes it easy to clean tight spaces and previously hard-to-reach areas like staircases and under furniture.

Pacvac vacuums feature optional H13 HEPA filtration to deliver cleaner air for your environment, and this level of filtration comes standard within our Micron backpack vacuum cleaner. With the vacuum cleaner worn on the user’s back there’s no need to bend down or stoop to clean floors, helping to prevent back pain and strain which can be a common problem using traditional vacuum cleaners. In fact the lightweight nature of backpack vacuums and how easy they are to maneuver make them ideal for extended periods of use.

Backpack vacuum cleaners are more effective at cleaning carpets and hard floors thanks to the array of attachments and accessories that are available. Different floor tool attachments are designed specifically to deep clean carpets or hard floors that can pick up dirt and debris without scratching or damaging the surface.

These Pacvac vacuum cleaner accessories combined with one of the lightest and most comfortable backpack vacuums on the market gives users complete freedom as they tackle their daily cleaning tasks with this versatile machine. Users can use this freedom to clean more than floor, including upholstery, ceiling vents, even cars and planes with our cordless range.

Backpack vacuum cleaners are more mobile, ergonomic, efficient and effective than traditional vacuum cleaners, as well as being more versatile in their applications with their accessories, making them the most popular choice for industrial and commercial use.

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