Changing your workplace to green

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Going 'green' doesn't have to mean big changes for your workplace. You can start by making small changes. Some may even positively affect your bottom line!

This could mean reducing waste, changing cleaning products, recycling paper waste or using biodegradable products. Each business is individual and has different needs but we believe that even a small change makes a difference.

So what can you do? Try one thing or do them all - up to you!

 - We have carton boxes under our desks that all paper waste goes into. This then gets put out for recycling. Staff are more likely to recycle if they don't have to go out of their way to do it.

 - If you use paper towels - change to using recycled paper options - often cheaper than standard paper 

 - Do you have a local supermarket nearby that can take your recyclable single use plastic bags? Many Countdown and PaknSave stores have bins to collect soft plastic. This includes Courier Bags

 - If you use cleaners to clean your workplace - ask them to change to eco-friendly cleaning products or use microfibre products

 - Have recycling bins in easy access spots (next to your usual waste bins). Put up a sign saying what can be placed in the recycling bin.
 - Have you tried using toilet paper made from recycled paper lately? You may be surprised at the colour (white) and softness.

 - Ask everyone to turn their computers off at night - having them on standby does use a small amount of electricity

 - How are you packaging your products (if you sell them)? Can you use recyclable packaging or maybe biodegradable options?

 - Ask other staff for ideas on something that can be changed?

 - Change your lighting over to energy efficient options

 - Pop some easy care plants around the office - these help clean the air

 - Use both sides of paper when printing

 - Can some staff work from home occassionally - less cars on the road!

 - Use office paper that comes from sustainable sources or is made from recycled paper

 - Replace foam or standard disposable hot cups with eco-friendly options

 - Use printer paper that is waste as scribble pads

 - Recycle your printer toner

 - Use a environmentally friendly dishwashing detergent

Put your workplace ahead of the game - tell your customers what you are doing - they will appreciate the difference you are making, and who knows maybe it will infulence them to make changes too!

A greener environment is better for you, your staff and your workplace.

Posted: Wednesday 15 August 2018