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Research studies show that drying with paper hand towels or cloth towels removes even more germs than washing alone, as the friction of drying reduces the germ count even further. Drying your hands with a clean, single-use hand towel may be the safest choice for reducing the risk of spreading germs. Our extensive range of paper towels are made from either sustainable sources or from recycled paper. Products you can trust.

At Insinc we understand the importance of hygiene and practicality in your workplace. That's why we offer a wide range of paper hand towel options to suit all your needs. Whether you're looking for absorbent disposable hand towels for your kitchen, restroom, or workplace, we've got you covered. Our selection includes various sizes, styles, and quantities, ensuring you'll find the perfect paper hand towels for any setting.

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Paper Hand Towels for Business.

For a guide on the right size paper towel for your workplace click the following link:

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Choosing the Perfect Paper Hand Towels for Your Workplace

Choosing the right paper hand towels for your workplace is a decision that can make a significant impact. After all, drying your hands is just as important as washing them correctly. Below are several important factors to consider when selecting the ideal paper hand towels for your workplace.

Where Are They Needed? (Bathroom, Kitchen, or Beyond)

First things first, you need to identify the specific areas in your workplace where paper hand towels are needed. Most commonly, they are used in the bathroom, but you might also need them in the kitchen, breakroom, or other locations. Understanding where they'll be used helps you decide on which paper towels to choose.

Generally in bathroom areas an interfold paper towel is most commonly used. In commercial kitchens you would consider a centrefeed paper towel as they are often used for cleaning.

Dispenser Size Matters

Now that you know where you'll be using your paper hand towels, it's time to think about dispenser size. Dispensers come in various shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one is essential for both functionality and aesthetics. A smaller dispenser may be suitable for a compact bathroom, while larger ones work well in high-traffic areas.

If you already have a dispenser selecting the right size paper towel is really important. If they are too small they will fall through the dispenser opening and if they are too tight they may clump and come out in a bunch, which is both frustrating and wasteful.

Assessing Traffic Usage

Traffic usage is a critical factor to consider when selecting paper hand towels. High-traffic areas like restrooms in busy office buildings or restaurants require robust and absorbent towels so people can dry their hands faster. On the other hand, in less-frequented areas, you might be able to get away with a less heavy-duty option. Keep in mind that using the right paper towel can help reduce waste and costs over time.

Recycled or Premium?

Now, let's talk about sustainability and quality. Are you looking for eco-friendly options, or do you prioritize premium quality? Recycled paper towels are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious workplaces, as they help reduce the overall environmental footprint. On the other hand, premium paper towels often offer superior absorbency and durability. The choice between the two depends on your workplace's values and budget.

Additional Tips for Choosing Wisely

Thickness Matters: Thicker paper towels usually offer better absorbency and strength. If you want a towel that can handle tough spills, opt for a thicker option.

Recycled paper: Made from recycled office white paper these are a great option for an eco-conscious workplace. The paper fibre is weaker though so staff and customers may use more.

Remember, the right paper hand towels can enhance hygiene, reduce waste, and contribute to a more eco-friendly workplace. By considering the area of use, dispenser size, traffic usage, and your preference for recycled or premium options, you can make an informed decision that benefits both your team and the environment.

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