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NZFSA Product Ratings:

Qualchem Instaclean Floor Cleaner

Green Earth All Purpose Cleaner
Green Earth Glass and Surface Cleaner
Green Earth Disinfectant
Green Rhino Auto Dishwash Powder
Green Rhino Auto Dishwash Detergent
Green Rhino Rinse & Drying Aid
Green Rhino Food Prep Sanitiser
Green'R Automatic Dishwashing Detergent
Qualchem MPD Degreaser
Qualchem Orange Based Cleaner
Qualchem Status Automatic Dishwashing Detergent
Qualchem Saniclean

Green Earth Floor Cleaner
Green Earth Bio-Clean Degreaser Cleaner
Green Earth Creme Cleanser
Green Rhino Enviro Neutral Floor Cleaner
Green Rhino Enviro Spray and Wipe
Green Rhino Lemon Dishwash Detergent
Green Rhino Neutral Dishwash Detergent
Green Rhino Kitchen Floor Cleaner
Green Rhino Spray & Wipe Multipurpose Cleaner
Green Rhino Pine Disinfectant Cleaner
Bio-Zyme Cleaner
Bio-Zyme Industrial
Green'R Lemon Detergent
Qualchem D-Limokleen Cleaner Degreaser
Qualchem Apex All Purpose Cleaner
Qualchem Liquid Detergent
Qualchem Golden Touch Dish Detergent
Qualchem Lemex Liquid Detergent
Qualchem RD18 Caustic Cleaner
Qualchem Aura Floral Air Freshener
Qualchem Aura Pine Air Freshener
Qualchem Starpine Disinfectant Detergent

Qualchem Snobrite Bleach

Green Rhino Enviro Glass & Mirror Cleaner
Green Rhino Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Green Rhino Enviro Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner
Green Rhino Enviro Cleaner Degreaser
Green Rhino Enviro Multiclean Plus
Green Rhino Shower/Bathroom Cleaner
Qualchem Autoscrub Cleaner (Auto Scrubbing Machines)

Green Rhino Enviro Multiclean Plus
Green Rhino Kitchen Degreaser
Bio-Zyme Multi-Purpose

Qualchem Chlorinated Detergent Sanitiser
Qualchem Warrior Sanitising Cleaner Degreaser Heavy Duty
Jasol EC1 Cleaner Sanitiser 
Jasol EC2 No Rinse Sanitiser

Qualchem No Rinse Sanitiser

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