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Specials changed weekly
  • Bowl Round 32oz BioCane White - BioPak
    Traditional plastic plates are made from petroleum, a valuable, non-renewable resource. Sugarcane products are made from a rapidly renewable resource and are a strong, grease and water resistant alternative to traditional plastic or polystyrene plates and bowls. We have a wide range of plates, oval and round, bowls and trays.

    - Made from 100% renewable resource – the reclaimed byproducts from an existing industry.
    - Compostable in commercial compost facilities. Composting helps divert waste from landfill.
    - The emissions associated with the production, distribution and disposal of the all BioPak products are offset through the purchase of carbon credits.

    Brim full capacity: 32oz (964ml)
    Diameter top: 196mm
    Diameter base: 85.4mm
    Depth: 65mm


    Carton 400

    Lids available - see link below
    NZ$ 91.81 Carton 400
    NZ$ 105.58 incl GST
  • Clamshell 9x9 Natural BioCane - BioPak
    Our tree-free clamshells are made from rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar refining industry. Our BioCane range is certified home compostable.

    Product size: 229mm L x 229mm W x 81mm H
    Carton size: 49cm L x 39cm W x 25.5cm H
    Carton total weight: 9.4kg
    Pieces per carton: 200
    Pieces per sleeve: 100

    Carton 200
    NZ$ 81.69 Carton 200
    NZ$ 93.94 incl GST
  • Floor Cleaner Neutral - 5Litres - Instaclean
    Neutral daily maintenance cleaner with a fresh lemon scent. Very economical.
    NZFSA Approved C25.
    ECNZ Licence No: 3709051Commercial & Institutional Cleaners

    pH 7-8

    INSTACLEAN is a clear green neutral detergent. An
    ideal interim floor maintenance cleaner designed to
    provide maximum cleaning power for all types of soils
    without harming or dulling the floor finish.
    - Neutral pH and will not harm floor finishes.
    - Streak and film free.
    - Burnishes to original gloss.
    - Energetic cleaner with many other non-floor uses.
    - Biodegradable.
    - Works well in hard or soft, cold or hot water.
    - Requires no rinsing.
    - NZFSA Approved C 22.
    - Environmental Choice NZ licensed product.

    INSTACLEAN is mild and safe to use on INSTASHINE and INSTAGLOSS floor finishes.
    INSTACLEAN is the ideal interim cleaner providing maximum cleaning power.

    5Litres: $20.97
    20Litres: $76.91
    NZ$ 22.09 5Litres
    NZ$ 25.40 incl GST
  • Latex Gloves PowderFree BLUE - Selfgard - X-Large - SPECIAL
    Blue Latex PowderFree Gloves.

    Economy grade disposable glove for food handling, cleaning & other non medical grade use. FDA & NZFSA approved for food production.

    Length: 245mm

    Tensile strength: 21mpa
    Elongation @ break: 700%

    Size: Small - XLarge

    good feel
    food safe

    medical centres

    Carton 10x100 (1000)

    X-Large only at this price - while stocks last
    NZ$ 82.46 Carton 1000
    NZ$ 72.00 Carton 1000
    NZ$ 82.80 incl GST
  • Square Plate 20x20cm Bagasse - Vegware - Pack or Carton
    Our stylish 8in square plate made from sugar cane fibre. It is perfect for hot or cold meals. Sturdy, stylish and good for hot or cold food. Microwave and freezer safe. Far more sturdy than paper plates, and far less carbon too.

    20 x 20cm

    Sleeve of 50
    Carton 10 packs of 50 (500)
    NZ$ 105.00 Carton 500
    NZ$ 120.75 incl GST
  • Tissues Facial 2ply 100's - Earthcare
    2ply Tissues made from 100% recycled paper, soft, strong and white.

    The paper itself is recycled at our Queensland recycling plant, and the resulting paper is converted to toilet tissue, facial tissues, kitchen towels and table napkins in Auckland.

    Earthcare is made only from post-consumer waste paper. No plantation forest pulp is used to make Earthcare.

    In the process, the paper is de-inked using only natural, water based de-inking processes. No chlorine is used, meaning once any impurities have been removed the water can be re-used.

    Recycled paper begins life as pulp, much like regular paper. It is then pressed, dried and rolled until it becomes a very large roll of paper, after which it is cut and converted into smaller rolls from which the various Earthcare products can be made.

    100 sheets per box.

    48 Boxes per carton.
    NZ$ 56.84 Carton 48 boxes
    NZ$ 65.37 incl GST
  • Flat Handle Checkout Bag Medium 300h x 175w x 310d - Green Choice
    Green Choice compostable flat handle checkout bags are made from heavy duty Kraft paper. They include a block bottom design, to allow them to stand up on a flat surface, and handles for convenient carrying. Our bags serve as a great alternative to plastic bags as our paper is sourced from sustainable forests and used bags are compostable.

    Supplied in sets of 250, our medium sized paper checkout bags with handles are ideal for use in supermarkets and convenience stores.

    (mm unless shown different)
    300h x 175w x 310d
    NZ$ 90.72 Carton 250
    NZ$ 104.33 incl GST
  • Tea Towel Blended Cotton 45x65 All Purpose Red - Filta
    Blended cotton tea towel.

    Size 45 x 65cm

    All purpose red

    Pack of 36
    Carton 360
    NZ$ 100.90 Pack of 36
    NZ$ 90.81 Pack of 36
    NZ$ 104.43 incl GST

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