Why we should use biodegradable cups

Why we should use biodegradable cups

Hot cups or cold cups – we use them on a daily basis, don’t we? Some businesses utilize hundreds if not thousands of cups every day. There’s something about them that sometimes fails to bother us though – even though it should.

We toss billions of disposable cups into the trash each year, and what happens to them afterwards is not a secret: they end up at the landfill where they remain for years.

The good news is that as a business, you can make a difference. Many companies in the restaurant and hotel business (and not only) have already switched from standard disposable cups to biodegradable cups, which means we’re moving in the right direction. We need to take the environment’s fate in our own hands and stop contributing to the production of petroleum-based products, as they’re doing only harm and no good.

The biggest advantage to using biodegradable products is that they’re made to be fully compostable as opposed to being recycled. Not to mention the fact that their manufacturing process uses less energy and emits less pollution compared to petroleum-based cups. If you know a thing or two about greenhouse gases, you understand how great this is!

A lot of companies are refusing to use biodegradable cups, because they are more focused on profit rather than on impact. The only way for all businesses to make this change will be for us to lead by example. Smoothies, juices, tea or coffee – everything can be offered in biodegradable cups.

If you want to minimize your negative influence on the environment and we have you convinced to try them out, we have just what you need! Take a look at our biodegradable disposable cups and don’t be afraid to contact us!


Posted: Monday 15 February 2016