‘Tis the season to learn about phosphates! You can mostly find those pesky little things in food and cleaning products, and unfortunately they can cause serious health problems if you’re not careful. They are chemical compounds containing phosphorus (a naturally occurring mineral) and oxygen, as well as other minerals, such as calcium and sodium.

When it comes to cleaning, phosphates are usually used in automatic dish detergents and laundry detergents, because they can remove oil and grease and soften water. Considering the fact that they are already banned for use in laundry detergents in the US and are now being banned for use in cleaning products, we definitely need to be cautious.

Another essential aspect regarding phosphates is pollution. When our cleaning products go down the drain, phosphates can be discharged into a river, lake or ocean where they cause a rapid growth of algae, which is responsible for polluting the water. Notable increases in algae harm water quality, food resources and habitats, plus they decrease the oxygen that fish need in order to survive.

Nutrient pollution is one of the most widespread environmental problems in the US, with a lot of costs and challenges attached to it. None of this sounds fun, does it? Since phosphates are not yet banned everywhere in cleaning products, there is one definite way for us improve the situation – use phosphate-free detergent.

We have a variety of phosphate-free products for you to check out on your way to a healthier daily life – but we hear people are still concerned about spotting. Not to worry: even though you won’t have any problems with our detergents, you can still make sure you’re doing your best to be green with these tips!

We wish you a nice, phosphate-free day!

Posted: Thursday 10 December 2015

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