Does Hand Sanitiser Work? Yes, When It’s Used Properly.

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Does Hand Sanitiser Work? Yes, When It’s Used Properly.

Does hand sanitiser work?

Yes, it does, but how hand sanitiser is used is absolutely crucial to how well it works.

Hand hygiene saves lives

Ever since our worlds have been turned upside down by COVID-19, good hand hygiene has never been so important, and while washing hands with soap is considered to be the most effective way to clean hands, hand sanitisers can play an incredibly important role in keeping hands free from harmful germs.

Attacking the Covid envelope

Generally speaking, viruses are much more resistant to disinfectants than bacteria. Luckily however, coronavirus is an envelope virus, meaning it has a fat and oil outer membrane coating. Hand sanitisers that contain 60-95% alcohol can attack that membrane; thereby eliminating the covid threat.

How hand sanitisers work

Alcohol-based sanitisers disturbs the virus’ envelope. Without this amour, the virus cannot live and invade our cells. Hand sanitisers also contain antiseptic which kill and / or prevent the growth of microorganisms. That’s why using hand sanitiser can be so effective and so vitally important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to use hand sanitiser properly

The efficacy of a hand sanitiser depends on it being used properly. Many of us may not use sufficient sanitiser, we may not rub enough, or we may wipe it off before it has dried. The key to making hand sanitiser truly effective is to apply it thoroughly. Friction is what loosens and gets rid of microbes.

  1. Apply about a 2cm blob to the palm of one hand (read the label to see the correct amount for the brand you’re using).
  2. Rub your hands together covering all surfaces of both hands, including between your knuckles, wrists, palms, back of your hand and your fingernails.
  3. Rub hands together for 30 seconds allowing the hand sanitiser to completely dry
  4. Do not wash your hands or touch another surface before they are dry.

That’s it. Follow these simple rules; only then does hand sanitiser work properly and we can go about our lives.

Hand sanitiser can be a lifesaver

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation with no access to soap and water for handwashing. It may be while you’re out and about, travelling, after using grocery trolleys, handling money or after coughing and sneezing - these are times when hand sanitiser can literally be a lifesaver.

Remember, hand sanitiser does work to halt the virus, only when it’s used correctly. The proper application of hand sanitiser is essential to its effectiveness.

Where to buy hand sanitiser?
Hand sanitiser is the smart thing to have on hand for when you are on the go; we recommend you carry some with you always. You can buy hand sanitiser online from our shop.


Everyone can slow the spread of COVID-19 through good hand hygiene. Let’s break the chain of transmission and save lives.

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Posted: Wednesday 22 April 2020