With compostable bin liners NZ businesses can make a difference

With compostable bin liners NZ businesses can make a difference

Compostable bin liners

Where have all the old shopping bags gone? Banned long ago. So what do you do when it comes to lining your rubbish bin?

Well, the best option is to use newspaper or no bag at all.

Yeah, right. That’s going to work in a busy space where people are dumping food scraps, coffee grinds, wet food and drink packaging and other unmentionables into a communal bin.

We all know how hard it is to keep busy, communal areas clean, because even within the team of 5,000,000, not everybody likes to follow the rules.

So, the solution? An eco bin liner may be the answer for your business, office or household. However, not all bin liners are created equal. At Insinc, we have been on the hunt for better alternatives to things offices and business use every day for a long time, and we’ve done some research to help you understand what you’re getting when it comes to eco-friendly, compostable bin liners. We’ve discovered there is a better way when it comes to bin liners: compostable bin liners made out of cornstarch.

buy compostable bin linersWhat is corn starch plastic?

PLA, or corn starch plastic, is an environmentally friendly alternative to the usual petroleum-based plastics. Corn starch plastic is manufactured by fermenting corn or other raw materials to produce lactic acid, which is then polymerized. Made from a renewable resource, waste corn and waste potato starch, it is biodegradable and doesn’t contain any toxins.

Corn starch plastic ensures good ventilation and allows the moisture in the waste to evaporate - this moisture evaporation dries waste out, preventing the contents from rotting, thereby reducing unpleasant odours. The bags are fully compostable within 45 days in a well composting environment.

At Insinc, our compostable bin liners range from 18l small tie top bags, 27l kitchen tidy bags to 240l wheelie bin liners that are thick and durable. We’ll make sure you have a plastic-free eco bag alternative for almost any bin. We have you covered. Check out our product lines where you can find everything you need and stay sustainable. To talk to us about how we can help, call 0508 467 462 or you can email us at any time.

Why compostable and not degradable bin liners?

Basically, unless a bag is verified as biodegradable, it may not actually break down as claimed on the packaging. Some bin liners are referred to as 'degradable’. Some could actually call this term misleading as it could confuse people into thinking they are biodegradable and an eco-friendly choice. However, a degradable bag is simple an ordinary plastic bag which will only degrade into smaller pieces of plastic, but the plastic is still there, just as tiny micro-plastics, which as we know is incredibly harmful to our ecosystem. Not sounding too eco-friendly to me.

When a plastic is biodegradable, it can be ingested, which means it can break down through the activity of microorganisms like fungi or bacteria.

Biodegradable bags turn back into natural materials eventually, even though the process takes a great deal longer than a compostable product, but biodegradable bags do not break down in marine environments. Plus, they still look like a jellyfish to a turtle, so can be just as harmful as traditional plastic bags.

So which bin liners?

If you need a bin liner, a compostable bag is the best choice .As well as for general bin lining, they are fantastic for collecting food waste for home composting, council green collection or your worm farm as they help to contain waste, reduce smells, stop mould growth and keep your bin clean. But be sure to choose bin liners that have the certification to back these claims up.

There are rules for the claims that can be made about types of plastic, and there are independent certification schemes you can look out for. Currently, certified compostable is the most reliable certification as it is regulated and internationally agreed upon, and this is what we stock at Insinc. Companies make unsubstantiated claims about biodegradable products all the time, so certification schemes are a way for companies to substantiate their claims with scientific data and demonstrate the environmental responsibility of their products.

best compostable bin linersBy choosing compostable bin liners NZ businesses can make good differences

By using sustainable waste bags, you will make a small difference for the environment and a big difference for your company. Plus, you get to feel good for being part of something big: a movement by environmentally conscious organisations who want to do better for the world we live in.

Choose from our variety biodegradable bags today. To talk to us about how we can help you green your business, please call 0508 467 462 or you can email us at any time.

Posted: Friday 18 September 2020