Difference between commercial and retail cleaning products

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Difference between commercial and retail cleaning products

Commercial vs domestic cleaning products

When it comes to keeping your business clean, the cleaning products you use at home just aren’t up to the job. With exposure to higher volumes of people using shared equipment, communal areas and bathrooms, hygiene standards for businesses are on a different level and while mainstream cleaning products may be enough in a home setting, that’s not the case for a commercial setting. Domestic and commercial cleaning products are designed to tackle very different jobs.

To provide a truly clean, sanitary commercial environment takes a special type of cleaning product and there’s a big difference between commercial cleaning supplies and those approved for use in the home.

Commercial cleaning supplies and household cleaning products are quite different in terms of cost, concentration, quantity and strength in cleaning power. It’s important to use the proper cleaning and disinfecting products to kill all dangerous germs and ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Different cleaners for different jobs

bulk cleanerAlthough your house may seem very busy sometimes with people coming and going in all directions, the amount of grime and number of germs in residential settings pales in comparison to those found in most business spaces.

Commercial establishments are also required by law to meet high standards of cleanliness. Healthcare facilities and food-related businesses are required to meet even higher, stricter standards.

Basically, because the germs and dirt in offices, retail and hospitality businesses and commercial premises can be super-powered and highly resistant, residential cleaning products will not get the space truly clean. Cleaning products sold for home use must meet specific safety standards, so do not typically require the same strength needed for a public restaurant or office building. Commercial cleaning products are formulated to tackle more harmful pathogens at higher concentrations and rid the dirt that can accumulate in a commercial setting.

Buying bulk commercial cleaning products is an eco-friendly decision

Commercial cleaning products come in larger quantities, so if you are using household products for a big job, you may be spending money needlessly. With bigger containers, you don’t have to make multiple purchases and the per-unit cost is going to come down.

commercial cleaning product

Buying wholesale from Insinc, you are not just saving money. Buy online and you don’t have to drive anywhere. You are saving money on fuel, and you are saving time.

Commercial cleaning products are developed to target a particular kind of material or surface. At Insinc, we supply glass cleaners, carpet cleaners, floor cleaners, disinfecting products and all-purpose cleaning products, amongst others, that kill germs, cut grease, leave a true clean and are environmentally friendly.

Our suppliers have worked diligently to design products that are safer and greener than the potent yet environmentally unfriendly cleaners of the past. Our cleaning products use the best ingredients available, resulting in professional-strength cleaners that are safer to use than traditional cleaners.

Eco-friendly commercial cleaners

We sell products that are better for people, and the world we live in. Your staff and customers’ health is paramount, and effective cleaning doesn’t need to cost the earth. Many of our commercial cleaning products are easily biodegradable, concentrated, and use minimal packaging; beneficial to not only your business, but to your employees and clients and the planet as a whole.

At Insinc Products we choose to use and promote eco-friendly and sustainable products as much as possible, because we have a firm belief in doing what we can to save our environment. We have a large range of environmentally friendly commercial cleaning products that have Environmental Choice NZ certification. Feel free to talk to us about how we can help you incorporate eco-friendly at your business. Call 0508 467 462 or you can email us at any time.

You will find almost everything you need for commercial cleaning at our online store: we specialise in eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Shopping is stress-free. All you need are a few clicks to buy commercial cleaning supplies and we deliver to your door.

Posted: Thursday 24 June 2021