Bamboo Food Packaging

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Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and can be renewed and harvested annually. Mature bamboo plants produce shoots and canes each year which can be harvested annually without damaging the main plant.

Commercially grown bamboo has traditionally been used as a low cost material for building houses and tools, however now this has become a popular material for making furniture, window blinds, and fabric for clothing and lingerie. Bamboo is now commonly used for making pulp and paper as well as toilet paper and cardboard.

Bamboo pulp used in many of the products in our range is a waste by-product that comes from exisiting industry. That means it is not grown specifically for making plates etc. This waste product would most likely otherwise be thrown away. Any products made from the original plant fibre is from annually renewable material.

Bamboo is a fantastic alternative to oil based food packaging products.

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Bamboo Food Packaging options

Posted: Monday 10 September 2018