Retail toilet rolls vs commercial

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Its all about the sheet size and number of sheets!

Generally toilet rolls purchased in retail outlets such as supermarkets have approximately 160 - 240 sheets of paper per roll.

Cheap toilet paper often contains a large amount of glue which then doesn't flush away easily or clogs up your toilet/blocks your drains. Smallersheet sizes mean you need to use more so it is not always the most cost effective option.

If you buy the smaller size rolls for your workplace it can mean constant replenishing is required. Everytime you need to order more or the cleaner needs to replace the rolls this takes time and therefore costs money.

Standard toilet rolls for commercial use have a lot more sheets per roll - see below for examples:

Toilet rolls:

2ply 400sheets
2ply 700sheets
1ply 850sheets
1ply 1000sheets

Jumbo rolls:

2ply 200m
2ply 250m
2ply 300m
1ply 500m
1ply 600m
1ply 650m

Different toilet paper suits different business environments.If your bathrooms are high traffic areas you may wish to consider jumbo rolls or the unique centrepull tissue.

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Posted: Thursday 30 August 2018