Biodegradable Straws

Standard plastic straws are made from oil based materials such as polypropylene, which are generally recyclable but not biodegradable or compostable.

Using environmentally friendly alternatives like paper straws and PLA straws ensures both the manufacturing process and disposal of the straws after use reduces your overall carbon footprint.

When considering using biodegradable straws both the upstream (manufacture) and downstream effect (disposal) needs to be taken into consideration. Raw materials in the straws we sell are made from renewable and sustainably managed plant based materials.


-          Made from FSC certified paper (paper sourced sustainably)

-          3ply for strength

-          Recyclable

-          Home compostable

-          Easily recognizable as eco-friendly

-          Customised branding available



-          Made from plant based PLA (polylactic acid) not oil based materials. PLA is made from plants like corn, sugar cane and beets and is generally waste product (not otherwise usable)

-          Look and feel like plastic straws

-          Need to be stored in less than 40degrees

-          Lower carbon footprint than plastic (up to 80% fewer greenhouse gases)

-          Commercially Compostable

Posted: Thursday 29 March 2018