Why you should know about bagasse products

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Why you should know about bagasse products

Whether you run a large organization or you’re an event planner, you might want to look into products made from bagasse – a sugarcane extract.

Bagasse is a sugarcane fiber which remains after the juice is extracted from the sugarcane. Bagasse products are famous for being a better alternative to Styrofoam, plastic and paper, some of which are not only non-degradable, but also petroleum-based. Plus, it’s about time we tried to limit the cutting down of trees!

The really great thing about bagasse is that instead of throwing the leftover pulp away, it’s made into this incredible substance. In the past, bagasse was a direct contributor to pollution because people used to burn it in the fields, but today it’s used in the manufacturing of eco friendly products mostly related to the food service industry.

Undoubtedly, the most important advantage to bagasse is that products made from it require less energy than plastic products. This means that by simply switching to bagasse products you can help reduce pollution and energy consumption!

Bagassse sugarcane products usually biodegrade within 90 days in commercial composting facilities, whereas plastics can take up to 400 years, not to mention Styrofoam is non-degradable.

What’s more, you can use bagasse food service products with both hot and cold foods and they’re microwave and refrigerator safe – so no limits there! It can typically contain hot food up to 90 degrees Celsius.

So, this makes bagasse products the environmentally sustainable solution for your business – and the perfect way for you to start taking responsibility for the world we all live in. As a business we also try to help other companies to preserve our environment by utilizing waste products such as bagasse.

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Posted: Monday 7 March 2016