Toilet paper and the environment

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Toilet paper and the environment

What we do know is that making recycled paper consumes less water and energy, not to mention it creates less air and water pollution, as opposed to making paper from timber. We rarely take this logic to the bathroom with us though – do you make a note out of buying recycled toilet paper? Most people don’t.

This is why you should: the destruction of trees and the use of chlorine dioxide for bleaching the paper. The production of toilet paper using timber has devastating consequences on our environment and it’s up to businesses and large institutions to set a positive example for people.

Let’s get specific: an average person in America, for example, uses over 100 rolls per year and most of these rolls are made from virgin paper. The thing is, we use toilet paper for a lot more than you’d think – spills, makeup removal, nose care and other chores. If we don’t make a habit out of using recycled toilet paper, we’re participating in an industry that is already damaging our environment to unheard of degrees.

The first step is to take a breath and think about it – most of us don’t give much thought to the manufacturing process of toilet paper, so we don’t realize that it takes a combination of softwood and hardwood to create it.

The controversies behind this are more than a few, with big debates about not only cutting down trees, but also the use of chlorine dioxide. If you decide to join those of us who would do anything to keep our environment and planet safe – our recycled toilet paper products are just what you should take a look at. Plus, your employees would love working for a greener company!

Stay tuned for more ways to turn our negative influence on the planet into a positive one!

Posted: Tuesday 9 February 2016