Paper towels and their effect on the environment

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Paper towels and their effect on the environment

We often believe that recycling and reusing materials is the only thing we need to do to reduce the strain on environmental resources. However, we must remember that buying goods made from recycled material is just as important, if not more, to complete the cycle. Think about this: most of the heavily advertised tissue products in your local shop are not made from recycled paper, but from trees. The fact is, if every household in a country as big as the US, for instance, replaced just one 6-pack of paper towels with recycled ones, over 2,200,000 trees could be saved, not to mention over 780 million gallons of water.

Paper towels also account for 20 to 40 percent of waste by volume from office buildings. Nowadays it’s more than obvious that we need to be careful with how our actions affect the environment. We often think about what we do at home and how that makes an impact, but we neglect the fact that we also have a work place. We need to make sure we find ways to reduce our office’s negative effect and using recycled paper can be a large part of that, since most offices rely on pretty large supplies of it.

Let’s not forget that printing paper and copiers are not the only things in our workspace that can have a negative effect on the environment – paper towel usage shouldn’t be ignored. Apart from advising your employees to use both sides of their paper or distribute their memos via email, try buying 100% recycled paper towels – you won’t regret it!

If you don’t believe us yet, we dare you to try our selection – we are confident, there’s no way you’d go back to standard paper towels afterwards!

Posted: Friday 5 February 2016