All Purpose Cleaner - 5ltr - Green Earth

All Purpose Cleaner - 5ltr - Green Earth
An ecologically sound, environmentally conscious, all-purpose cleaner, formulated to quickly penetrate, emulsify and remove grease and grime. From kitchens, cafeterias, boardrooms, rest rooms & offices our natural all-purpose cleaner cuts grease, grime and dirt as well as traditional cleaners.

Because it's made from plants and minerals it leaves no harsh chemical fumes or residue and since it's 100% natural, it's better for the environment too.

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5 Litres
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To use - dilute concentrate with hot or cold water as below:

Heavy duty cleaning           5 parts water to 1 part all purpose cleaner

Normal cleaning                10 parts water to 1 part all purpose cleaner

Light duty cleaning             20 parts water to 1 part all purpose cleaner

Spray and wipe                   30 parts water to 1 part all purpose cleaner



Food Safety Certificate

Environmental Choice Certified




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