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Body & Handcare cleaning products by Green Rhino
  • Vanilla Liquid Soap - Green Rhino
    Vanilla Liquid Hand Soap is a low-cost, anti-bacterial white sweet vanillla liquid soap ideal for public restrooms, schools, public buildings, shopping centres, etc. It is suitable for most liquid soap dispensers. It prevents hands from drying and cracking. It contains no abrasives or solvents.
    NZ$ 26.40 5Litres
    NZ$ 30.36 incl GST
  • Anti-bacterial Soap Kitchen - Green Rhino
    An unscented quality anti-bacterial hand soap. Developed for food production facilities where strong anti-bacterial properties are a must. Contains lanolin to protect and soften hands.

    Appearance: clear liquid
    Ph: neutral
    NZ$ 27.00 5Litres
    NZ$ 31.05 incl GST
  • Grit Citrus Liquid Hand Cleaner - Green Rhino
    This is a powerful hand cleaner with a lanolin base to prevent skin from drying or cracking.Polymer beads aid the cleaning action by gently rubbing away the toughest of grease, oil, dirt, ink, paint, bitumen, tar & grime.

    Appearance: white liquid
    Citrus fragrance

    NZ$ 32.00 5Litres
    NZ$ 36.80 incl GST
  • Hand Sanitiser Alcohol Free - Green Rhino
    A scientifically advanced formulation which is ideal for enviroments where a non-alcohol hand sanitzer is required. This is a safe, effective and non-irritating foaming hand cleaner. Kills 99% of the most common germs that may cause illness, within as little as 20 seconds. Leaves hands feeling refreshed without any residue.

    MPI Approved Cleaner C51

    DIRECTIONS: Apply a coin sized amount of foam to your palm and briskly rub hands together until dry, rinse with potable water.

    5Litres $45.00
    20Litres $105.00
    NZ$ 45.00 5Litres
    NZ$ 51.75 incl GST
  • Hand Sanitiser Gel - Green Rhino

    For sanitising hands in any work environment. Particularly suitable for areas where repeated hand sanitising is required such as food preparation areas, healthcare and child-care facilities etc.

    Appearance: clear liquid
    PH: neutral
    Slight lemon fragrance
    Kills 99.9% germs
    NZ$ 55.00 5Litres
    NZ$ 63.25 incl GST
  • Hand Soap Foaming Enviro - Green Rhino
    • Effective cleaning action, removes dirt off hands
    • Biodegradable
    • pH neutral, mild on skin
    • With moisturising properties leaving your skin soft and supple
    • With calming jasmine scent
    • Food safe formulation
    • New Zealand made and owned

    • Environmental Choice New Zealand Licenced
    • NZFSA Approved C51 (All animal products except dairy)

    • Hand cleaning that can be used through most foaming hand soap dispenser
    • For high traffic areas like schools and daycare centres. Also great in general washrooms, toilets, bathrooms

    • Hospitality - Hotels, Motels, Holiday Parks, Resorts, Casinos, Pubs, Restaurant, Cafes, Malls, Shopping Centres
    • Education - Daycare / Childcare Centres, Schools, Colleges and Universities
    • General Workplaces - Offices, Warehouses

    Wet hands. Apply a small quantity directly onto hands. Rub hands together and scrub for at least 20 seconds. Rinse hands well with clean water and dry.
    NZ$ 27.00 5Litres
    NZ$ 31.05 incl GST
  • Hand Soap Liquid Economy - Green Rhino
    Liquid Hand Soap is a low-cost, anti-bacterial (Pink Jasmine/ White Citrus) liquid soap idea for public restrooms, schools, public buildings, shopping centres etc. Suitable for most liquid soap dispensers. Prevents hands from drying and cracking. Contains no abrasives or solvents.

    DIRECTIONS: Apply Liquid Hand Soap directly to dry hands and massage together until dirt is loosened. Rinse hands with water to remove dissolved dirt and hand soap. On very dirty hands a nail brush will assist in removing dirt.
    NZ$ 23.50 5Litres
    NZ$ 27.03 incl GST
  • Hand Soap Liquid Jasmin - Green Rhino
    Jasmine Liquid Soap is a mild, yet effective world class jasmine soap designed for regular use. The mild fragrance leaves you smelling and feeling refreshed. Suitable for all liquid soap dispensers.

    DIRECTIONS: Place a small amount in the palm of your hands, rub together. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove dissolved dirt.

    5Litres $29.50
    NZ$ 29.50 5Litres
    NZ$ 33.93 incl GST
  • Soap Foaming Anti-Bacterial - Green Rhino
    A non-fragranced foaming hand cleaner and sanitizer for environments requiring high use and highly effective hand cleaning. Typically used in the food processing and service sector.

    Appearance: clear liquid
    Ph: neutral
    No fragrance
    Strong antimicrobial
    NZ$ 27.00 5Litres
    NZ$ 31.05 incl GST

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