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Degradable bags from EcoBags
  • 240L LD wheelie bin liner Degradable - EcoPack
    240L LD wheelie bin liner (Degradable)

    For industries with requirement for moving large volumes of rubbish.
    Made from durable material, and contain a percentage of recycled materials. These are available in a variety of gauges in HDPE and LDPE to choose from.

    Colour: Black

    (720 + 405) X 1500

    Micron 25

    Carton: 125 (packs of 25)
    NZ$ 138.75 carton 125
    NZ$ 159.56 incl GST
  • Bin Liners with handles Degradable Medium - EcoPack

    Bin liners with handles Degradable Medium. White. 16mu.

    Size: (260+160)x500.

    500 bags

    Old code ED-5932
    NZ$ 20.99 500 bags
    NZ$ 24.14 incl GST
  • Crate/Carton Liner Degradable - Ecobags
    25kg capacity

    A convenient food grade carton liner to prevent leakages and protect fresh produce for cartons or crates.


    (650+350) x 650mm

    16 micron

    Carton 500
    NZ$ 117.24 Carton 500
    NZ$ 134.83 incl GST
    Out Of Stock
  • Dog Waste Bags Carry Container - Earth Rated EcoBags
    The cutest dispenser on the market is a convenient holder for our Earth Rated® dog waste bags (or other brands, should someone dare). Our adjustable strap can be sized to fit any leash format and a convenient hook on the back holds your used bags. Includes one (1) lavender-scented starter roll of 15 degradable bags.

    Carton 12 dispensers.
    NZ$ 80.19 12 dispensers
    NZ$ 92.22 incl GST
  • Dog Waste Bags Carton Degradable - Earth Rated EcoBags
    Dog Waste Poop Bags by Earth Rated. Degradable. Lavender scented.

    These Earth Rated® bags are perfect for pantry storage and outdoor waste stations. The 300-count bags are extra strong, lavender-scented and the grab ‘n go tissue style box format is great for added convenience if you are looking for a bulk-pack version. These rolls can also fit most standard outdoor dispensers found in public parks.

    Earth Rated® green-coloured dog waste bags contain an additive that allows them to break down, unlike traditional plastic bags.

    Size: 20.32 x 33.02cm.

    Carton 12 boxes of 300bags $234.00
    Box 300 bags $22.95

    $0.065c per bag.
    NZ$ 218.24 12 boxes 300bags
    NZ$ 250.98 incl GST
  • Dog Waste Bags Rolls Degradable - Earth Rated EcoBags
    Dog Poop Bags Degradable from Earth Rated EcoBags. Lavender scented sturdy bags. Use with Green Dispenser.

    Refill pack of lavender-scented degradable dog poop bags which can be used on their own or with our cute green dispenser. These bags are easy to open and detach from the roll, while still being extra thick and tough!

    Earth Rated® green-coloured dog waste bags contain an additive that allows them to break down, unlike traditional plastic bags.

    Box holds 8 rolls of 15 bags (120bags).

    Bundle of 12 boxes (1440 bags).

    $0.101c per bag
    NZ$ 129.44 1440 bags
    NZ$ 148.86 incl GST
  • Office Bin Liner HD 27L Degradable - EcoPack
    27 Litre Degradable Office Bin Liners. White. 15mu.

    Size: (300+170)x585.

    Carton 2000 bags (40 packs of 50 bags)
    NZ$ 147.00 Carton 2000 bags
    NZ$ 169.05 incl GST
  • 36 Litre High Density Office Bin Liner. White. 25mu.

    Size: 580x710.

    Carton 600 bags (20 rolls of 30bags).

    36 Litre High Density Office Bin Liner. White. 25mu.

    Carton 600
    Roll 30 bags
    NZ$ 84.00 Carton 600 bags
    NZ$ 96.60 incl GST
  • Produce Bags (250+125)x470 Degradable - Ecobags
    Suitable for carrying fresh fruit and vegetables.

    These fresh produce bags conveniently come on cardboard core to fit standard bag roll dispensers.

    Size: (250+125) x 470mm

    Carton 1000 (4rolls of 250)
    NZ$ 90.00 Carton 2000
    NZ$ 103.50 incl GST

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