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Urinal Dispenser Refill 325mls Carton 12 - Bio-zyme

Urinal Dispenser Refill 325mls Carton 12 - Bio-zyme
Refill with Bio-Zyme cleaner to use with Urinal/Toilet Dispenser.

This unit is designed to dispense concentrated doses of Bio-Zyme Cleaner directly into any water feed system on either toilets, urinals or urinettes to eliminate odour, reduce uric acid from sticking to the surface and keeping drain pipes free flowing. This in turn eliminates the need for deep cleans. Enzymes help to degrade organic waste materials and remove uric scale and build up. Bio-Zyme eats at the uric acid deposits to eliminate blockages and smells, while reducing costs and keeping washrooms odour free.

This non toxic cleaner is certified BioGro Organic and NZ made.

Easy monthly service to replace refill.

Bio-zyme Cleaner is an organic, enzyme based cleaner.

Refill 325ml - 30 days usage.

Carton 12 refills.
NZ$ 122.31 excluding GST
NZ$ 140.66 including GST
Carton 12
BZ SD15448
Purchase Qty:

• Fully neutralises contaminants as a
• biodegradable cleaner
• Non-toxic eliminates odours
• liquifies solids – reduces time and labour
• Enzymes help to degrade organic
• waste materials and removes uric
• scale and acid build up in pipes
• Environmentally preferable
• 100% organic
• Pleasant fragrance
• Cost-effective

• BioGro Certified
• MPI Approvals
• Dairy Approved
• Septic Tank Approved
• Sanitiser (see MPI approvals)
• Deodorizer
• Wide Spectrum Bacteria Control

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