INcistern Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Carton - Bio-Zyme

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INcistern Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Carton - Bio-Zyme
INcistern is an automatic toilet cleaner/sanitiser.

Fully neutralises contaminants as a biodegradable cleaner - eliminates odour.

Enzymes help to degrade organic waste materials and removes uric scale and acid build up in pipes.

Kinetic Energy - No batteries.

Incistern is an automatic toilet cleaner/sanitiser.

It requires no batteries.

INcistern dosing is activated by the kinetic energy of the refilling, rising cistern water and unique Incistern Activator which measures and doses the exact amount of water treatment concentrate for every flush.

- Organic and environmentally preferable
- Keeps toilet fresh between regular cleans
- Cost effective - Lasts 400 flushes
- Waste Water Treatment System Preferable - Enhances & Conditions the tank
- Effective against Bacteria
- Effective against Coronavirus

Fully Recyclable
Bottle capacity: 400ml
Number of activations: 400-430
Dose per activation or flush: 0.9 - 1.0ml

Due to some toilet cisterns being porcelain, INcistern many not be able to hang of the inside back of cistern. Lid will not sit back on correctly. Look inside cistern to use some other point to hang from.

MPI Approved C32
MPI Approved Cleaner | Sanitiser
MPI Dairy Approved and Recognised

Carton holds 24 x 400ml
NZ$ 238.80 excluding GST
NZ$ 274.62 including GST
Carton 24
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The installation is very simple
a. Remove the toilet cistern lid and set to the side.
b. Pull out the clip at the bottom on the INcistern bottle. 'A'
c. Holding the INcistern in the upright postion, unscrew the lid. 'A'
d. Hold the INcistern over the cistern tank and turn it over ensuring any droplets fall into the cistern. "B".
e. Hook the INcistern to the tank exteriot wall awat from any obvious moving parts. "C-D"
f. Replace the toilet cistern lid and its ready to go.

PLEASE ENSURE Cistern lid is sitting correctly on cistern when finished.

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