Hot Cup 12oz Plastic Free - Castaway

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Hot Cup 12oz Plastic Free - Castaway
Castaway® Plastic Free Classic Single Wall paper coffee cups have been designed with specialty coffee in mind. Unlike conventional plastic lined cups (which require dedicated collection and transport to specialised facilities), our water based coated cups are recyclable via existing recycling streams.

It is 100% plastic free:
It does not contain any plastics, bioplastics (PLA) or waxes that are harmful for the environment or health.

It uses water-based coating:
The barrier layer of this cup is a water-based dispersion coating.

It is printed with water-based inks:
These cups are printed using high quality water-based inks — preventing the use of hazardous solvent-based inks.

It’s easily recyclable:
By applying a unique water-based dispersion coating to natural carton board, this cup can be easily recycled, without the need for designated plastic removal systems as there is no plastic lining.

Compostability testing in progress
Tests according to EN 13432 for composting certificate are currently in progress.

- Designed to fit into Australia and New Zealand’s existing co-mingled recycling streams,
- Customers can be assured that the cups are able to be recycled easily.
- Manufactured in Australia in HACCP certified facilities, the new Plastic Free Cups offer an environmentally friendly viable alternative to traditional coffee cups.

Carton 1000
NZ$ 160.79 excluding GST
NZ$ 184.91 including GST
Carton 1000
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It’s easy and cost effective
The existing recycling processes used to recycle paper in New Zealand’s infrastructure can be reused to recycle Castaway® plastic free coffee cups — no matter where they
travel to.

It’s scalable
Plastic free coffee cups provide a commercially viable solution as they’re supported by existing waste and resource recovery infrastructure.

It has real economical value
Recycling is done locally — offering the best

It’s efficient
Collection costs account for 50 to 60% of the costs to recycle material, which means efficiency in collections is crucial.

Eliminating the need for separate waste streams can improve recycling rates by up to 25%.

It has environmental outcome
It is a better solution to diverting cups from landfill with a positive environmental outcome than other disposal options (e.g. composting), as recycling generates recovered material.


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