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Large Bar Cake - Confoil

Large Bar Cake - Confoil
Large Bar Cake - Confoil.

Top out - 260 x 95 mm
Base - 225 x 70 mm
Height - 62 mm
Capacity - 1250 ml

A range of elegantly decorated disposable bakery containers in various shapes and sizes which raw mixes can be baked in. Many moulds are specially designed to release humidity when Baked through micro vents and special corrugations. Most are free standing, thereby not requiring trays or tins hence reducing the need to clean up afterwards. All moulds are compostable and made from sustainable forestry. Moulds are heat resistant to 200?C and non-deformable. Suitable to be used where metal detection is present

Our paper baking moulds tick all the boxes. Beautiful sturdy design, available in a range of shapes and sizes and made from eco-friendly biodegradable paper. A well loved favourite of commercial and retail bakers, caterers, cafes and food manufacturers.

Our baking moulds are made using biodegradable paper that is carefully selected using high quality raw materials. Using paper baking moulds is an ideal choice from both a practical and an environmental standpoint.

Suited for:
' Cook Directly In
' Microwavable
' Ovenable
' Free-standing

Delivery 2-4 days
NZ$ 96.81 excluding GST
NZ$ 111.33 including GST
Carton 120
CF 8000054
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