Drum Pumps Ezi-Action 20-30Litre

Drum Pumps Ezi-Action 20-30Litre
Ezi-action® Drumpumps are the best hand drum pump in the world. They are the most dependable manual dispensing system for bulk containers.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are being used with confidence around the world in the hospitality industry because they are chemical resistant, securely fit into the lid opening, pump vertically keeping the container or drum upright and are reliable and cost effective giving years of use.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are food safe. All environments where food handling equipment is cleaned and surfaces are cleaned need to use handling equipment that is food safe.

The Ezi-action® Drumpump has been designed with user safety in mind. They make a workplace safer and more efficient.

The Ezi-action® Drumpump allows the container to stay upright. Upright pumping means that the container is not on its side, not susceptible to leakage and the worker is not at risk from work injuries associated with repetitive bending and lifting of heavy containers.

- Easy to Use
- Reliable and an excellent long term investment.
- Fully Serviceable

- Excellent Chemical Compatibility and are Food Safe
- Tolerance to concentrated cleaning chemicals, disinfectants and sanitisers.
- Effective Safety Features

Ezi-action® 25/5 Drumpump for 20-30 litre containers with two fittings (C55 and C63 International unless advised otherwise)  
NZ$ 64.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 73.60 including GST
NZP 25/5
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Our Ezi-action® 25/5 Drum Pump is the safest, most reliable and economical dispensing method for 20-30 litre containers.

  • Enables the business owner to benefit from cost savings of bulk buying
  • Eliminates wastage
  • Ensures a clean work environment 

  • Shorter shaft height allows for easy pumping on a bench or table top.
  • Perfect for dispensing 20 litre to 30 litre chemical containers in janitorial, commercial, industrial cleaning and in agricultural market sectors.
  • Secures into the container opening with an Ezi-action® C Adaptor Fitting. Minimum opening of 42mm. 
  • Dispenses roughly 160mL a stroke.
  • Simple construction provides no complications for user.
  • Using a drum pump for each chemical in the workplace provides safe, mess free dispensing and controls workplace hazards.
  • Easy to clean and small enough for easy storage.

For more detailed information on the Ezi-action® 25/5 Drum Pump, click the link below to open our pdf for details.



Easy to Use

  • Two fingers on the ergonomically designed ball handle is all the energy required for hand pumping and fluid transfer.
  • Pumps viscous fluids up to 8,800 cps including oils, lubricants, molasses, and moisturisers.
  • Easy performance throughout the lifetime of this totally plastic pump.

Reliable and Economical

  • Revolutionary, patented double action pumping principle.
  • No critical wearing parts to wear or break.
  • Fast, continuous flow. High volume, low pressure.
  • Reaches to the base of drum or container and empties all the contents.
  • Prevents waste with swivel spout and no leaking.
  • 24 month manufacturer's warranty.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand.

Fully Serviceable

  • Only fully serviceable hand pump in the world.
  • Provides years of reliable dispensing.


Excellent Chemical Compatibility and are Food Safe

  • Made from FDA compliant, superior quality polypropylene and LDPE plastic, Ezi-action® Drum Pumps have a very broad chemical resistance: including mild solvents.
  • Acid resistant, caustic resistant, and resistant to chlorine based chemicals.
  • Pumps soaps, cleaning chemicals, sanitisers, disinfectants, gels, and moisturisers,
  • Pumps liquid foods: including water, milk, olive oils, acetic acids, sauces, food colouring, honey, and molasses.
  • Manufactured under conditions that assures your liquids will not be contaminated during pumping.

Effective Safety Features

  • Safety strap effectively locks handle and secures contents, preventing use by children and unauthorised people.
  • Prevents workplace accidents with no excessive bending to pour contents.
  • No problems of spillages or leaking of liquids.


Information sheet on servicing your drum pump

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are the ONLY fully serviceable hand pump in the world.

This assures longevity and excellent value.

Serviceability differentiates Ezi-action® Drumpumps from all other hand drum pumps on the market.

Some chemicals can be harsher on the low density polyethylene ( LDPE) plastic components of Ezi-action® Drum Pumps.

If only the seals need replacing, then ask for the Ezi-action® LDPE Seal Pack:

Ezi-action® LDPE Seal Pack Ezi-action® Seal Pack
1x LDPE washer seal
1x LDPE scraper seal
1x Easy to follow diagrammatic Instructions

Should the Ezi-action® Drumpump stop pumping, due to chemical attack of the flap valves, then ask for the Ezi-action® Service Kit:

Ezi-action® Service KitEzi-action® Service Kit

1x LDPE washer seal
1x LDPE scraper seal
1x LDPE Foot Valve
1x LDPE Plunger Flap Valve
1x Easy to follow diagrammatic Instructions

Ezi-action® Seal Packs and Ezi-action® Service Kits are available - CONTACT US DIRECT

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