Bio-Clean Degreaser Cleaner - 5 Litres - Green Earth

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Bio-Clean Degreaser Cleaner - 5 Litres - Green Earth
Eco friendly and bio-degradable BIO-CLEAN Eucalyptus All Purpose Degreaser Cleaner contains natural eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus oil is nature's natural solvent which is ideal for dissolving grease (both food and petroleum based). Eucalyptus oil is also a disinfectant and an antiseptic which makes Green Earth Eucalyptus Degreaser Cleaner a great powerful cleaner for all areas making it truly all purpose.

Green Earth Eucalyptus Degreaser Cleaner removes grease, oils & diesel from driveways, cleans any surface including stoves, ovens, barbeques', engines, floors, walls, toilets, vinyl's, bathrooms, carpet stains, bench tops, plastics, glass, boat & car wash.

Eucalyptus Degreaser Cleaner even removes graffiti from painted surfaces.

Green Earth Eucalyptus Degreaser Cleaner is also used for cleaning plastic children's playground equipment as commonly seen at fast food restaurants.

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5 Litres
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Dilution rates:

10:1 General clean
20:1 Spray and wipe

Food Safety Certificate


Product leaflet

DIRECTIONS: Dilute with hot or cold water as per ratios listed below. Apply and leave surface wet for a few minutes. Wipe or rinse off. 
Heavy soils or grease may require scrubbing. Repeat if needed. Always spot test on a hidden area first.

Surfaces: Concrete driveways and paths, oil stains, engines, wheels, cooking grills, ovens, BBQ’s, Graffiti, tools mechanical components, general degreasing.

MEDIUM CLEANING: Dilution Ratio: 1:10 (1 teaspoon cleaner to 1 cup of water) Surfaces: Toilets, counters, kitchen tops and doors, bathrooms, showers, plastic, boats, vinyl, refrigerators and freezer cabinets, food preparation areas (MAF Approved C32)

LIGHT CLEANING: Dilution Ratio: 1:30 (1 teaspoon cleaner to 4 cups water) Floors (vinyl, tile, wood, marble, terrazzo) painted surfaces, stainless steel, plastics, laundry pre-soak, chrome, and carpet spotting.

VEHICLE WASH: Dilution Ratio: 1:100 (half cup of cleaner to 1 bucket of water) Surfaces: Car, fleet and truck wash, boat wash, glass and mirrors, windows & monitors.

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