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Freight is charged by weight, minimum costs per carton are: Auckland $6.00, Whangarei to Hamilton $10.50, North Island $14.00, South Island $15.00 + GST, Rural charges are extra.

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  • Carry Bag Compostable - Earth Starch
    Earth Starch carry/singlet bags opaque Large

    Size: 290+170X550MM 25um

    Carton 1000

    Minimum order 5 cartons

    Our bags are guaranteed to break down in less than 90 days once disposed of correctly

    All Earth Starch bags and films are Globally Certified. (As tested and certified by International Standards: European Norm EN13432, or ASTM D6400/ Australian Standard AS4736)

    NZ$ 155.00 Carton 1000
    NZ$ 123.50 Carton 1000
    NZ$ 142.03 incl GST
  • Dinner Serviettes White 3ply - pack 50 - Style
    Style Hygiene Dinner Serviettes. Premium. 3ply. White. Rose pattern embossed.

    Carton 1000 serviettes.
    NZ$ 93.63 Carton 1000 Napkins
    NZ$ 84.27 Carton 1000 Napkins
    NZ$ 96.91 incl GST
  • Dinner Serviettes White 3ply - pack 50 - Style
    Style Hygiene Dinner Serviettes. Premium. 3ply. White. Rose design embossed.

    Pack 50 serviettes.
    NZ$ 5.03 Pack 50 Napkins
    NZ$ 4.50 Pack 50 Napkins
    NZ$ 5.18 incl GST
  • Table Cloth Paper SECONDS- ABC Tissue
    ABC Premium paper table covers/tablecloths. 1.12m wide x 50m long. Matt finish, off white colour.

    1 roll per pack, plastic wrapped.

    THIS PAPER HAS A BROWN/FADED MARK ON THE OUTSIDE PAPER - ABOUT THE FIRST 30CM OF THE ROLL. THE REST OF THE PAPER IS FINE. Take advantage of this slight second and grab a roll at half price - limited stock available.
    NZ$ 38.88 1 roll
    NZ$ 19.44 1 roll
    NZ$ 22.36 incl GST
  • Hand Wash Liquid - Green'R
    High quality pearlised liquid containing skin conditioners and moisturisers.

    Environmental Choice NZ Licensed

    NZ$ 29.01 5 Litres
    NZ$ 33.36 incl GST
  • Nylon Gloves Non-Linting
    - Seamless Liner from 100% nylon.
    - 15 gauge for fine feel. - 100% non-linting stretch fabric.
    - Ambidextrous and reversible.

    Sizes: Medium & Large
    NZ$ 1.95 Pair
    NZ$ 1.80 Pair
    NZ$ 2.07 incl GST
  • Squeegee + extension pole - MR Clean
    Workplus Commercial Grade Squeegee Extension Pole. 2.44m

    •Locks for sturdy extension.
    •Rigid aluminium channnel holds rubber in place with additional clip release feature for ease of replacement.

    Also includes 1 x Squeegee 355mm
    •Professional grade rubber blades for durability
    •Rigid aluminium channnel holds rubber in place with additional clip release feature for ease of replacement
    NZ$ 39.00 1xpole+1xsqueegee
    NZ$ 44.85 incl GST
  • Sunscreen with Natural Insect Repellent 40+ 500ml - Sungard
    SunGard SPF 40 sunscreen with natural insect repellent 500ml pump bottle

    Insect repellent protects against mosquitoes and helps repel sandflies and other annoying and biting disease-carrying insects.

    -SPF40 UVA/UVB advanced broad-spectrum protection
    -Laboratory tested to meet AS/NZS Standard 2604:2012
    -2 hours water resistance
    -Dermatologically tested for most skin types, free from Paraben and MIT
    -Safe non-slip dry lotion, low irritant, sweat-resistant formulation
    -Super-fast absorbing lotion, feels clean and weightless
    -Tea Tree & Eucalyptus extracts to moisturise and condition the skin
    -Laboratory tested to meet AS/NZS Standards 2604:2012
    -Maunfactured & tested in New Zealand

    500ml pump bottle

    New Zealand has the world's highest incidence of melanoma cancer. Workplace skin protection is vital.

    Safe for use by roofers! Sunscreens containing metal oxides, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, can accelerate degradation of surfaces including auto finishes and pre- and post-painted roofing surfaces. A 2008 Australian test of ten sunscreens showed products containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles consistently degraded samples of pre-painted roofing surface. In the worst case, the roofing lost over 85% of its gloss in just six weeks. New Zealand Steel now excludes from its warranties damage to Coloursteel® roofing caused by contact with sunscreen, and additionally recommends that roofers use cut resistant gloves to improve safety and avoid sunscreen contact.

    SunGard’s formulation gives exceptional protection but does not contain nanoparticles, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.
    NZ$ 406.81 Carton 12
    NZ$ 366.13 Carton 12
    NZ$ 421.05 incl GST
  • Canvas Sling Natural - Ecobags
    Size: 31cm(w) x 35cm(h)

    Inside pocket size: 10cm(w) x 14.5cm(h)

    Handle size: 113cm

    Colour: Natural

    Canvas sling bag features long shoulder strap and a drop pocket which can be used for multiple purposes. Ideal to use on daily basis while running errands or as give away at an expo.

    Manufactured ethically at SEDEX certified factory.
    100% Biodegradable and Reusable bag.

    Canvas gives more sturdiness and durability than cotton. All of our canvas bags are made from naturally grown, ethically sourced cotton fibres. While more robust, they can still be folded flat. Their repeated reusability makes them a hugely popular choice with retailers and shoppers alike. Fabric is fully reusable and biodegradable.
    NZ$ 154.35 45 pack
    NZ$ 138.92 45 pack
    NZ$ 159.76 incl GST
  • Take Away Box with Window Kraft PLA Medium - Green Choice
    Green Choice Take Away Box Kraft PLA with Window - Medium.

    Our range of cardboard snack boxes are very popular in NZ markets. They pre-constructed and easy to close and seal. They are made of card and lined with PLA, a plant-based plastic, and not a petroleum-based plastic. This provides a barrier to oils and sauces and avoids leakage. A clear PLA window allows for viewing of food whilst maintaining the composting credentials of the product. As food contamination is not a problem, the waste container can be sent to a landfill (to eventually breakdown into plant matter) or sent to a commercial composting centre (for conversion into compost).

    200W x 50H x 140D
    NZ$ 107.31 Carton 200
    NZ$ 96.58 Carton 200
    NZ$ 111.07 incl GST

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