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Centrepull Toilet Paper - Hygiene Direct

Centrepull Toilet Paper - Hygiene Direct
Hygiene Direct Deluxe 2ply Centrepull Toilet Tissue.

Rauangiangi Wharepaku Kume-pokapū rau2 iho-kore

Beautiful soft strong toilet tissue

Because this tissue paper is dispensed one sheet at a time it makes it one of the most economical toilet tissues on the market.

Length = 180m
Sheets = 818 sheets per roll
Sheet Size = W127mm x L220mm
Rolls per carton = 6


CORELESS ….. This means less hassle because there is no cardboard core to be removed and disposed of, you will still need to pull out a small cluster of paper at the beginning to get the paper feeding properly through the dispensers


Check out the link below for a short video on how this product works to save you money.

Replaces CP170
NZ$ 49.20 excluding GST
NZ$ 56.58 including GST
Carton 6 rolls
Purchase Qty:

Saves money

Case Study on centrepull toilet paper



The way this toilet tissue is dispensed gives you true portion controlled toilet tissue ie one sheet at a time. This means you use about 40% less toilet paper than stand toilet rolls or Jumbo rolls, the benefits don’t stop there. With this system you will find that:

There will be almost no mess left on your cubical floor

You’ll spend less time changing over rolls

With the vertical dispensing system you’ll be able to use the entire roll not just 85% like other centrepull systems.

This dispensing system will reduce theft.

The quality of paper is second to none.

All these benefits mean that you save money.

This is the best toilet paper system for anyone who is paying for toilet paper that other people use … and those other people don’t care about the cost.

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