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Jumbo Rolls Bamboo 1ply 600m Carton 12 - Living Paper

Jumbo Rolls Bamboo 1ply 600m Carton 12 - Living Paper
Jumbo toilet rolls made from Bamboo.

Bleach Free
Lint Free
Tree Free
Food Grade FDA approved

1ply, 600m per roll

Carton 12 rolls
NZ$ 87.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 100.05 including GST
Carton 12
HX HB001
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Living Paper - Naturall Bamboo fibre paper

Ubiquitous daily necessities that many people never pay attention to.

We are in close contact with tissue paper every day, but have you ever thought that the tissue on your hand comes from our forest and contains many chemicals? After simplified treatment, such tissue is harmful to our health.

Do you know the difference between wood pulp paper or bamboo fiber paper?

Nowadays, a lot of living paper on the market is wood pulp paper. 160,000 square kilometers of the forests are cut down for paper every year. Furthermore, a lot of living papers on the market contain a lot of chemical residue. Long-term use may cause the accumulation of harmful substances in human body, endanger health and even cause cancer.

Choosing a healthy living paper is not only a guarantee for your safety, but also cares for your family's health. The raw materials of most living paper are made of wood, which we all know and commonly used. These living papers are rough, loose, poor expansion strength, resulting in paper scraps and have lint left after using.

Because the color of wood pulp paper is not white enough, some manufacturers might even use fluorescent whitening chemicals to achieve the effect. But overuse of these chemicals is harmful to human health.

Such white living papers are the "invisible killer" at home.

Living paper may be a plain little piece of good, but it is related to environmental protection and health. Nowadays, with increasing consciousness of environmental protection and health, more and more families begin to favour light beige bamboo fiber paper.

What is bamboo fiber?

Bamboo fiber is a kind of natural cellulose extracted from the original natural bamboo, which has good breathability, instant water absorption, and natural bacteriostasis. It is a real natural eco-friendly material. Due to its fiber length (1.8-2.5 mm), bamboo fiber also achieves its characteristics of lint free, residue free, soft and comfortable. When we use it, there will be no residue on the skin surface. So, it can make the skin more refreshed and healthier.

Zero additive, bleach free, lint free, food grade, FDA certified, natural antibacterial.

It is a good product that can directly contact with food. Bamboo fiber has the functions of antibacterial, bacteriostatic and deodorizing. The bamboo fiber has features of good breathability and adsorption, good water absorption, natural and soft, and lint free. In addition to the above advantages, the most important reason we chose bamboo fiber is is for environmental protection and health.

"Better living paper, better life"

Choose Naturall bamboo paper. Eco-friendly; Zero additive; brings you health.

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