Toilet Paper

What type of toilet paper is right for you?

Toilet paper comes in many different options, choosing the right type of toilet paper for your washroom is essential - after all no one likes to run out!

Interleaf toilet tissue
Jumbo toilet paper rolls
Toilet paper rolls

Interleaf Toilet Tissue

Interleaf toilet tissue is dispensed through a specially designed dispenser. The tissue paper is interfolded and as you pull out one sheet the next is ready to be pulled.  Interleaf toilet paper is soft and gentle to use. Usually a more expensive way of purchasing toilet paper, these are often used in restrooms where a classier image is desired.

Also ideal for use in Childcare Centres as a tissue paper for children to use, always in one place and easy to find.

Jumbo Toilet Paper Rolls

Designed for use in restrooms with high traffice usage. Jumbo toilet paper rolls can be dispensed through either single or double dispensers.

Single dispensers are great for confined spaces, however you need to keep an eye on the toilet rolls when they get low to ensure they don't run out as you can't leave a spare.

Double dispensers are great to ensure you never run out. Users finish off one roll before changing over to the next roll which means no wastage.

1 ply rolls hold between 600-650m per roll and 2 ply rolls hold around 300m. While the 1 ply are longer sheets per roll people tend to use more as they aren't as thick.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Rolls come in many different sizes. The standard type of rolls in a supermarket usually hold between 190 - 240 sheets.. These are great for domestic use but when you have a few people working together you will need to consider using commercial size rolls. These come in a variety of sizes from 280 - 1000 sheets per roll.  Using toilet rolls that hold more toilet paper means less maintenance as staff and cleaners won't need to change them as often - no one likes to find an empty roll!

Our 400 and 700 sheet toilet rolls fit most standard dispensers, as the paper is fitted tighter on the roll, rather than being a bigger size.

Wrapped toilet rolls are more hygienic to be left as a spare in the toilet cubicle.


If possible we suggest you use the same brand of toilet paper in your dispensers as they are made to match and often work better. Please contact us direct through email or phone to discuss the best options for you. 

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