Septic tank smelly?

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Septic tanks can emit unpleasant smells at times. Treating the issue is a better idea than masking the problem. The active emzymes in Bio-Zyme break down the bacteria elimating bad odours.

"BIO-ZYME" is a non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, deodorising agent, which augments biological action. "BIO-ZYME” works to eliminate odours by changing the molecular structure of the host environment, digests contaminants and speeds up the natural biodegrading process.

"BIO-ZYME" includes natural enzymes that break down oils and greases in holding ponds, septic tanks, grease traps, toilets, drains etc., making it easier for nature's bacteria to consume any organic waste matter and at the same time any odours.

Recommended usage for septic tanks:

Septic Tanks:
Flush in 2 litres of "BIO-ZYME" for each 1400 litres of septic tank capacity. Each week thereafter flush in 200ml or add it to any drain leading to the septic tank. If more than one drain leads to the tank, use a different one each week. If the tank's leach system is blocked with oil and grease, a more frequent application, even daily, will need to be made until the system is cleared.

• Deodorises by destroying the molecular structures which cause problems.
• Reduces BOD levels by enzymolysis through decomposition or conversion of
• Fully neutralises contaminants as a biodegradable cleaner.
• Removes grease and oil
• Improves bonding / adhesion
• Safe to use, is non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-flammable
• Is environmentally compatible
• Biodegrades the removed organic contaminants

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