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Cling Wrap Compostable Carton 12 rolls - Ecobags

Cling Wrap Compostable Carton 12 rolls - Ecobags
Ecopack compostable cling wrap has been redeveloped to better simulate traditional plastic wrap - while still having the eco benefits of being home compostable. This new and improved version features a thicker sticky film, a more user-friendly cutting slide and robust, stable kraft dispenser box.

You've been wanting a compostable cling wrap for some time – but it's been a notoriously hard product to get right! After considerable trial and error we’re proud to offer a product that performs similarly to traditional plastic cling film, with the advantage of being 100% home compostable.

For ease of use each box includes a cutting slide (cling wrap is not perforated), which you'll find inside the roll core. The cutting slide has adhesive tape on the back to fix onto your box, as instructed, so you can always grab a length of cling wrap to suit the job in hand.

Ecopack cling wrap is food and freezer safe and is certified for home composting by Din Certco Home & Garden Composting 9P0020.

Size: 30m x 300mm

Quantity per pack: 1 roll + 1 cutting slide

Carton 12 rolls
NZ$ 79.03 excluding GST
NZ$ 90.88 including GST
Carton 12
BB ED-1003
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