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Food Box 850ml 2-Compartment - Green Choice

Food Box 850ml 2-Compartment - Green Choice
Green Choice Compostable Containers are friendly to the environment when discarded. This tableware is made from a natural plant fibre that comes from sugar cane. A food grade chemical is added and the end result is a product that is oil proof and water resistant, and fit for microwave use and refrigeration. This is a non-toxic and healthy material which degrades naturally.

Ovenproof up to 200deg for 20 minutes.

(mm unless shown different)
228L X 131W X 50H - 850ml/30floz (US)
2 compartment

Carton 500

Lids are available - code UP 1500/236 (see link below)
NZ$ 120.50 excluding GST
NZ$ 138.58 including GST
NZ$ 6.00
Carton 500
UP 1500/232
Out Of Stock

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