Disinfectant Kwiksan Hospital Grade 5Litres - Qualchem

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Disinfectant Kwiksan Hospital Grade 5Litres - Qualchem
Kwiksan is a 72% Ethanol-based, Hospital Grade Disinfectant that is TGA lister for use against Covid-19 and rapidly kills pathogenic micro-organisms for general infection control.

Kwiksan is designed to be used in hospitals, medical and non-medical areas and is ideally suited to cleaning and sanitising surfaces that are sensitive to water.

Common cleaning and sanitising applications for Kwiksan, include:

Keyboards, mouse, monitors,
Touch screens and other electronic equipment.
Glass surfaces
Push plates on doors
Printers and scanners
Eftpos machines
Tools and equipment that must not come into contact with water.

Kwiksan has been proven to kill Covid-19 in 60 seconds.

Directions for Use:
Apply Kwiksan directly to surface.
Polish dry with clean paper towel or a microfibre cloth.

Kwiksan can also be spray applied to surfaces and left to air dry.

72% Ethanol

5Litres Ready to Use
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Properties: Apperance: Clear Liquid Fragrance: Ethanol Solvent Specific Gravity: 0.18 pH: N/A Microcide: Ethanol 72%

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