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Toilet Rolls 3ply 260sh - Bamboo Paper

Toilet Rolls 3ply 260sh - Bamboo Paper
Premium Toilet Rolls. Individually Wrapped.

FSC® 100% bamboo pulp.

Carton 48 rolls.

Bamboo Paper Co. is a unique brand of high-quality, sustainable paper consumables. Made from rapidly renewable FSC®-certified bamboo rather than traditional wood, our range of products is designed for all ‘away-from-home’ settings.


Dimensions: 115mm
Colour: White
Sheets: 260
NZ$ 55.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 63.25 including GST
Carton 48
BM ToiletRollBamboo
Purchase Qty:

"Bamboo Paper Co. is on a mission to save trees from ending up as single-use tissue products.Made from FSC-certified bamboo pulp instead of traditional virgin wood, this range of bathroom consumables has an ultra-luxury feel and doesn't rely on logging of our precious forests. Tissue made from bamboo is naturally soft, strong and absorbent due to its long fibers and requires less water to produce. Better yet, this miracle grass is the fastest growing plant on the planet,making it the perfect rapidly-renewable alternative to wood for toilet tissue and hand towels. Say hello to premium, forest-friendly paper." "Bamboo Paper Co. is a premium range of bathroom consumables made from FSC-certifiedbamboo pulp, instead of traditional wood. This alternative raw material is rapidly renewable,requires less water during manufacturing and saves trees from ending up as single-use tissue.The paper is silky soft, absorbent and strong. A sustainable alternative, with no compromise on quality." "The Bamboo Paper Co. range of products is designed with businesses in mind. Made from FSC-certified bamboo pulp, these are high-quality alternatives to traditional wood pulp products which cause deforestation, waste water and rely on toxic chemicals."
By choosing Bamboo Paper Co. you're preventing trees from ending up as single use tissue and protecting forests and wildlife habitats from the destructive effects of logging. Paper made from bamboo uses less water during the manufacturing process. Bamboo is also the fastest growing plant on the planet which makes it the perfect rapidly renewable raw material for tissue making. Our FSC certification confirms that the bamboo used in our products originates from a source that is managed in a responsible manner in accordance with stringent environmental, social and economic standards. Our products are of premium quality, with soft, strong and silky-feel tissue that brings a luxurious touch to washrooms without compromising the environment. We are a locally owned and operated company committed to operating with integrity and contributing positively to society. Supporting tree planting initiatives in NZ is one of the ways we hope to achieve this.

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