Bio-Powerclean 5Litres - Insinc Brand

Bio-Powerclean 5Litres - Insinc Brand
Powerful and concentrated multi-purpose hard surface cleaner, suitable for a wide variety of cleaning jobs. It is excellent for killing moss, mould and lichens but also great for cleaning under car bonnets. Refer to the mixture chart below for other
uses. Contains no harsh solvents. Friendly to both you and the environment.

Will kill moss and mould almost instantly. Spray onto affected area, leave for a short while then clean/waterblast off.

Safe for use with pump systems. Works well on lichen on the roof and cleaning hard surfaces, iron, concrete, stucco etc

Can be used on stone surface - wet thoroughly first before applying Powerclean.
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Bio-Powerclean can be applied in a number of ways. Using

a trigger sprayer, a garden sprayer, through a water blaster

or add to a bucket of water and apply with a brush. Some

agitation with a soft or hard brush may be required. Also

suitable for use with a water blaster.


IMPORTANT – After cleaning all food processing areas

ensure that final rinse is done using clean water.



MIXING RATIOS (parts concentrate to parts water)

Heavy Spray and Wipe              1:5

Tyre Marks on Concrete            1:1

Fungal Stains on Walls              1:15

Stains/Dirt on Concrete             1:1

Wet Vac Cleaners                     1:50

Car Interiors                              1:50                

Floors, vinyl/slate etc                  1:25

Toilet Bowls                               1:75

Outside House Paintwork          1:75

Mould Stain on Timber              1:1

Algae on Brick/Concrete            1:1                  

Cleaning Outdoor Motors          1:100

Washing Boats and Cars           1:100

Ovens and Grills                        1:1

Kill Lichen Moss and Mould       1:5

Cedar Houses                           1:5

Fibrolite Houses                         1:5

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