Tea Towel Terry Cotton + Dishcloth Set Blue - Filta

Tea Towel Terry Cotton + Dishcloth Set Blue - Filta
"Terry Cotton Terry Blue Set (5 Tea Towels + 2 Dish cloths)

Tea Towel 40x68
Dish Cloths 40x69

High quality cotton Tea Towels for easy drying and absorption.
Stylish but simple in a classic design for a professional look in any kitchen or office environment.

Pack of 6 Sets
Carton 36 Sets
NZ$ 88.79 excluding GST
NZ$ 102.11 including GST
Pack of 6
FA 31010 indiv
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Britannia tea towels are made specifically for them, to their high specification, to ensure they last the distance, while maintaining an attractive appearance.

How do we spec them better?

Simple - they ensure that theirs are made with quality cotton only and do not allow recycled and junk cotton commonly used in cheaper tea towels. They cost more but last longer - a lot longer.

Two colour and weight options for those who would like to have identification for different tasks/areas.

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