Hot Cup PLA Single Wall 10oz White (80mm) - Ecoware

Hot Cup PLA Single Wall 10oz White (80mm) - Ecoware
White 10oz PLA lined single wall hot cup from Ecoware. Use 80mm lids

Coffee Cups
Made with paper sourced from responsibly managed plantations and an inner-wall coated with plant-based Ingeo™ bioplastic, EcoCups are a sustainable coffee cup option that maintains exceptional performance with superior insulation.

Carton 1000 cups
NZ$ 120.64 excluding GST
NZ$ 138.74 including GST
Carton 1000
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Benefits of our Eco Cups

  1. Biodegradable & Compostable
    Eco Cups are 100% biodegradable & compostable, and will compost within 3 months of disposal if disposed of in a commercial composting environment.
  2. Made from Ingeo PLA
    Ingeo is a completely new and innovative process turning plants, to plastics. The production process of Ingeo could result in up to 60% less greenhouse gases than the oil-based PET plastic it replaces, even if both end up in a landfill.
  3. Withstands boiling water
    Ecoware is on the forefront of technology. By using special Nano-technology to modify PLA we have develop a heat-resistant corn based PLA product that withstands boiling water.
  4. Meet all international certifications
    Products meet FSC, BPI and DIN CERTCO certifications. Refer to our certification badges for more information.
  5. Custom Branding
    Create your own walking billboard. Custom branding available, minimum 50,000 units up to 6 colour print.

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