Nappy/Incontinence Unit Starter Kit Bio

Nappy/Incontinence Unit Starter Kit Bio
Base unit and 2 x refill cartridges - 26Litre nappy/incontinence disposal units.

Nappy/incontinence sanitary bio Unit is an environmentally sensitive system. This nappy/incontinence disposal unit is discrete, safe, user-friendly and very cost effective.

The sleek design fits into the smallest of spaces and can sit on the floor or be wall mounted.

The cartridges are fully biodegradable and the system requires minimal on-going maintenance.

Saves on plumbing, labour and maintenance costs.

Easy to use system - Purchase the base cylinder (one-off cost). Cartridge (which includes lid and modesty flap) is simply inserted into the cylinder. When full dispose of the cartridge with normal refuse into landfill. Cartridges contain de-odouriser to minimise odours.

Entire system is biodegradable.


Base unit (separate) and refill cartridges available - see links below.

Unit requires assembly.
NZ$ 62.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 71.30 including GST
1xbase + 2x refills
BZ Starter Kit Nappy Bin White
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- Sealed cartridge refill bags with modesty flap means that both users and cleaners avoid touching the waste

- Easy to maintain with the self-deodorising bags (cartridges) that seal in the waste

- No complicated cleaning or storage facilities are needed to use the system

- Uses biodegradable plastic componenets and deodorising chemicals are safe for the environment making it the green solution to deal with organic sanitary waste

- Suitable for commercial or domestic environments

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