Wooden Spoon 16cm - Ecoware

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Wooden Spoon 16cm - Ecoware
16cm Wooden Spoon.

Birchwood is a renewable resource that is abundant in global supply. We use this raw material for our cutlery as it provides strength and durability as well as a soft and silky finish for the end user. Birchwood is known for having few knots and jagged edges so is safe to eat with.

Carton of 1000
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Carton 1000
EW W-16S
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  1. Biodegradable & Compostable
    The EcoDeli, EcoBowl & EcoCutlery range are 100% biodegradable & compostable, and will compost within 3 months of disposal if disposed of in a commercial composting environment.
  2. Made from Ingeo PLA
    Ingeo is a completely new and innovative process turning plants, to plastics.The production process of Ingeo could result in up to 60% less greenhouse gases than the oil-based PET plastic it replaces, even if both end up in a landfill.
  3. EcoDeli- Cold use only
    EcoDeli made from PLA derived from sugar cane. This limits EcoDeli bowls to be used with cold products only.
  4. EcoBowl & EcoCutlery- Hot & Cold Suitable
    EcoBowl & EcoCutlery are made from PLA derived from cornstarch. This enables them to be used with both hot & cold products.
  5. Meet all international certifications
    Products meet FSC, BPI and DIN CERTCO certifications. Refer to our certification badges for more information.

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