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Barrier Bags Compostable

Compostable and biodegradable cellophane bags for beautifully displaying your food and stock items.

Discover the perfect eco-friendly solution for storing and showcasing your food products with Natureflex Cellophane Bags. We're committed to offering sustainable packaging options that not only protect your delicious creations but also contribute to a greener planet. These Natureflex Cellophane bags are made from a renewable and compostable material, ensuring that you can package your food items responsibly. Whether you're a bakery, cafe, or a food retailer, these bags provide an excellent barrier to keep your fast moving products fresh while allowing them to shine through with their natural appeal.

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Can Cellophane Be Composted?

Explore the Eco-Friendly Advantages of Cellophane

Cellophane, the compostable, clear plastic breakthrough

Cellophane, although it may seem like a recent innovation, was actually invented by Swiss chemist Jacques E. Brandenberger in the early 1900s. It marked the world's first see-through packaging, allowing manufacturers and retailers to regulate oxygen and moisture levels in their products. Customers could now inspect the quality of pre-packaged foods, revolutionizing the industry.

From the late 1920s to the 1960s, cellophane was a household staple. However, the emergence of petrochemical-based plastics, such as single-use plastic bags, led to a decline in its popularity. Today, cellophane remains a plastic-free packaging option that eco-conscious businesses can embrace, often overlooked but offering significant environmental benefits.

So, what exactly is cellophane, and why is it an excellent eco-choice for your business?

What is Cellophane Made From?

Cellophane is derived from plants, with the "cello" in its name signifying cellulose, the structural component found in plants. Cellulose film can be produced from various natural sources, including cotton, hemp, farmed timber, and corn.

Natureflex cellophane bags are made from wood pulp that is FSC and PEFC certified. These bags do not contain and GMO inputs.

Cellophane is Compostable

As a bioplastic, authentic cellophane is 100% biodegradable and compostable, even in your home compost bin. The breakdown time varies depending on whether it's coated or not. Uncoated cellulose film takes less than a month to degrade when buried, while nitrocellulose-coated cellophane will degrade in about two to three months.

However, it's crucial to be aware of any additional ingredients or coatings added to cellophane, such as petroleum-based polyethylene, which enhances durability and water resistance but is not compostable. 

Choosing Cellophane Over Traditional Plastics

Cellophane offers several advantages over traditional plastics. It can be thicker, making it sturdier for wrapping food items and less prone to breaking. It boasts excellent gas and aroma barrier properties, is resistant to fats and oils, and is ideal for fast-moving goods, products with short shelf lives, or non-food items.

Cellophane is a versatile material suitable for various applications and business types, from florists and bakeries to supermarkets. There are numerous eco-friendly cellophane packaging and wrapping options available, both practical and environmentally sustainable. At Insinc, our Natureflex range of cellophane bags is used in businesses ranging from fresh produce, nuts, seeds, artisan chocolates, to croissants, French bread, hot pies, loose tea, and gifts.

Going Green with Your Brand

Cellophane bags are cost-effective, making them an excellent choice for smaller businesses seeking eco-friendliness. With a wide range of sizes available, you're sure to find the perfect bag for your business. You can buy online or open an account, and we'll deliver directly to your door anywhere in New Zealand. Our competitive pricing ensures that we have something to suit every business.

Fully compostable cellophane offers an attractive option for brands aiming to reduce plastic use. It allows businesses to showcase their products effectively while enabling customers to inspect items before purchase. Make the eco-friendly choice and explore the possibilities of cellophane for your business today.

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