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Freight is charged by weight, indicitive costs per carton are: Auckland $6.00, Whangarei to Hamilton $10.50, North Island $14.00, South Island $16.00 + GST, Rural charges are extra.


Centrefeed paper towels made from new/premium paper
  • Centrefed Paper Towels 2 ply  - Gracefield Essentials
    2ply Centrefed paper towels, perforated, thick and strong.

    180m per roll.

    Height 210mm
    Sheet length 375mm

    Polybundle 6 rolls

    Old code 99980/ GF 3456
    NZ$ 83.85 Polybundle 6 rolls
    NZ$ 96.43 incl GST
  • Centrefeed Paper Towel 2ply indiv roll - Gracefield
    2ply Centrefed Premium paper towels, perforated, thick and strong.

    180m per roll.

    Height 210mm
    Sheet length 375mm

    Old code: 99980 indiv
    NZ$ 12.80 1 roll
    NZ$ 14.72 incl GST
  • Centrefeed Paper Towels 1ply - Coastal
    Designed for high volume areas requiring fast efficient dispensers
    100% Virgin material
    FSC certified paper
    275 metres per roll
    1 ply Centre-feeding hand towel
    6 rolls per pack
    NZ$ 63.79 6 rolls
    NZ$ 73.36 incl GST
  • Mini Centrefeed Paper Towels 2ply - Coastal
    Coastal Mini Centrefeed Paper Towels. 2ply, 76m per roll.

    Roll size 21.5 high x 13cm wide

    12 rolls per bundle.
    NZ$ 49.61 12 rolls
    NZ$ 57.05 incl GST
  • Paper Towel Centrefeed 2ply - Coastal
    ***OUT OF STOCK UNTIL 25/2/20

    100% new paper
    158 metres 2 ply white Centre-feeding hand towel
    6 rolls per pack
    Perforated at 450 sheets
    NZ$ 72.90 6 Rolls
    NZ$ 83.84 incl GST
    Out Of Stock
  • Centrefeed Paper Towels 1ply - Kiwi Tissue
    White Centrefeed Paper Towels. Premium paper. 1ply 300m per roll. Perforated.

    Polybundle 6 rolls
    NZ$ 67.18 6 rolls
    NZ$ 77.26 incl GST
  • Centrefeed Paper Towels 2 ply - Kiwi Tissue
    KTG Premium Centrefeed 2ply is an embossed paper towel ideal for food processing or a bulk roll kitchen towel

    6 rolls of 180m per carton


    Plastic Packaging Free ... even the tape sealing the box is paper based so you're doing your part to reduce putting plastic waste into our environment

    Carton 6 rolls
    NZ$ 66.43 6 rolls
    NZ$ 63.83 6 rolls
    NZ$ 73.40 incl GST
  • Centrefeed Paper Towels 1ply 300m - Style/ABC Tissue
    Style premium 1ply centreline roll towel.

    22cm x 300m, White

    4 rolls per carton
    NZ$ 63.50 4 rolls
    NZ$ 73.03 incl GST
  • Basic 1 Ply 280M Roll CentreFeed Blue - Tork
    All-round single use wiper in blue to enable detection
    FSC certified guaranteeing environmentally responsible purchasing
    Flexible system for all needs allowing one hand dispensing

    Length: 280
    Folding Type: Center pull roll
    Product Type: Paper towel
    Color: Blue
    FSC Certified: Yes

    Carton 6
    NZ$ 77.41 Carton 6
    NZ$ 89.02 incl GST
  • Centrepull Paper Towels White - KTG
    Stella CentrePull 2ply White Hand Towel 140m x 6 rolls.

    Excellent portion control concept. Pulls out one sheet at a time.

    Talk to us today on how this saves you money.
    NZ$ 43.99 6 rolls
    NZ$ 50.59 incl GST

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