Why does toilet paper have embossing?

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Have you ever wondered about the pretty patterns on toilet paper? Do they have a purpose?

Embossing the top layer of 2ply tissue paper is called decorative (deco) embossing. Embossing the bottom layer is called micro embossing. Toilet paper is usually micro embossed.

Embossing on toilet paper serves many purposes.

-          Softer paper. Embossing creates air pockets on the paper to enhance the user experience.

-          Thicker and stronger – embossing improves cleaning and liquid absorbency (along with the type of fibre used in making the paper).

-          Binds the paper together – for 2 or 3 ply paper, embossing works like a glue to hold the paper together and stop it splitting apart. This makes it easier to pull the paper off the roll, and keep it together during use.

-          Brand signature paper – some embossing patterns are trademarked by brand owners to create a signature experience during use. It also makes the brand instantly recognisable.

-          Decorative – a pattern just looks nicer!

-          Volume – beware the amount of embossing on a toilet roll. Embossing ‘fluffs’ up the paper to make it look like there is more paper on a roll. Many retail rolls are heavily embossed so a roll with small number of sheets looks like it is the same size as a roll with more sheets. In this way a roll with 150 sheets can look like it is a similar size to a roll with 240 sheets. If you squeeze the roll you can see how loose it is.


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