Growing Microgreens – what containers work best?

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Our customers often ask about what eco-friendly/compostable containers work well for commercially growing and storing microgreens.

There are basically 2 types of compostable containers we can suggest that may work for you. Sugarcane and PLA (Polylactic Acid).

Recyclable plastic is another option (unfortunately not compostable).

Both compostable type containers are certified as commercial and home compostable. Compostable containers are designed to break down when exposed to light, heat and moisture. As microgreens need these conditions to grow this can cause issues with the containers so they may not be suitable.


Sugarcane pulp is a by-product from the sugar refining industry. This by-product would otherwise be burned. Sugarcane is a rapidly renewable product – meaning it grows quickly and has a fast ‘turnaround’.

These containers are water resistant and sturdy to hold. When exposed to water they will start to soften and break down reasonably quickly.

Suggested sugarcane containers:


PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a plant based bioplastic that is commercially compostable.

A commercial compost is hotter than home compost systems which means the product will break down within the recognised standard timelines. PLA will break down in domestic compost systems but this can take quite a long time due to the lower heat.

PLA is more porous/permeable than regular plastic.

We have had varying feedback from microgreen growers as to how well PLA works for them. When referring to the below hinged deli containers, one customer commented "Nice to fill up and good fitting lid which was easy to get on and off and they are great with microgreens". However others have said they are too permeable and won’t work for them.

The PLA containers (linked below) are clear for displaying your microgreens at their best for your customers.

Suggested PLA containers:


Plastic containers are popular options for growing microgreens. While they are not compostable they are recyclable.

The following containers are made from PP plastic (Polypropylene) and are recyclable code #5.

PP plastic is clear to allow good visual impact for your microgreens. The lids are tight fitting.

Suggested plastic deli containers for microgreens:


As everyone has different requirements we suggest you trial container options that you think may work for you. We are able to send samples (there may be a small (refundable if you purchase) charge to cover handling costs).

We would love to hear your feedback on the best options that work for your microgreen enterprise!

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