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Paper Towel Options

What size paper towel dispenser suits you best?

Dispensers come in a range of sizes to best suit your circumstances.

Super Slimline

Super Slimline Paper Towel dispensers

Designed to be very discrete and will fit into small spaces. Paper towels dispense one at a time. The paper towels are smaller and have 4 folds. 

Slimline Paper Towels dispensers

Larger in height and deeper. Paper towels dispense one at a time. Paper towels are a Z fold or 2 fold.

Midfold Paper Towel dispensers

The largest dispenser - they are deeper (wall into room) compared to the Slimline dispensers. Paper towels dispense one at a time. Paper towels are folded in half.  

Centrefeed Paper Towel Dispensers

Centrefeed paper towels are good when you want a continuous paper towel. They are harder to control the amount the users take. Some dispensers offer restrictions to ensure only one paper towel is dispensed at a time. Centrefeed paper towels are ideal for use in cleaning down benches in kitchens and workshops.

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We can supply dispensers for toilet paper and paper towels. You can view pictures of the dispensers by clicking on the different paper towels in the shopping cart. Associated dispensers can be seen on a link at the bottom of the page.

Please contact us direct through email or phone to discuss this further.

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