Degreaser Cleaners - which one?

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Information on our cleaner degreasers

Our wide range of cleaner degreasers can be used for multiple cleaning applications. The degreaser cleaners we have available are concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. These environmentally friendly degreasers are not solvent based.

Would you like to clean and degrease your kitchen surfaces and ovens? We have degreasers to easily clean oil and fat. Other degreasers will clean your bathrooms and some will clean your car engines. Some degreasers will clean all of the above.


What surface do you need to degrease/clean?

All Degreasers

Kitchen Surfaces and Benchtops – Bio-DegreaserBio-Clean,

Oil and Fat – Bio-DegreaserBio-Clean

Floor Surfaces – Bio-DegreaserBio-CleanOrange Based Cleaner,Earthcare Heavy Duty DegreaserBio-PowercleanPow-R-Clean

Ovens – Bio-CleanBio-DegreaserBio-Powerclean

Toilets – Bio-CleanOrange Based CleanerBio-Powerclean

Bathrooms and Showers – Bio-Clean, Bio-DegreaserOrange Based Cleaner

Carpet Stains  - Bio-CleanBio-Degreaser

Exterior walls – Bio-CleanPow-R-CleanBio-DegreaserBio-Powerclean

Concrete – Bio-CleanBio-PowercleanBio-Degreaser

Engine Degreasing – Bio-PowercleanBio-Degreaser, Bio-Clean

Oil and Diesel – Bio-CleanBio-Degreaser

Grease traps/converters – Bio-Zyme Industrial Cleaner

Cars and Boats cleaner – Bio-CleanBio-DegreaserBio-Powerclean


NZFSA Approved Degreaser Cleaners – Bio-Clean (C32) Orange Based Cleaner (C32)

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